About Michael & Graciela

We are a husband and wife writing team living in Bogotá, Colombia, South America. Our personal and writing relationship began over 12 years ago after a chance encounter. Basically Michael landed in Colombia, needed a translator, met Graciela, fell in love, spent three weeks touring the country and never did write the article.

We share our home with two large spoiled dogs who believe they have the same rights as humans. Nine to five jobs are in our past. Though it feels we put in more hours now than before. Having reached a social security age  views may be diffenent than the young backpacking bloggers.

Our main focus is to bring you Colombia as it truly is and not one sided-portrayals that are presented in movies, on TV and most of American media. We started the blog site to entice readers to visit this South American Country and to help them enjoy their stay.

Michael is American. Graciela is Colombian. The dynamics of unique differences in culture create for readers various views on topics. Rather meaning we do not always agree and present different points of view.

Michael is a born and bred Michigander with over 40 years experience as a freelance writer. His travels have taken him around the world.

Graciela has lived all her life in Colombia though traveled the world extensively. She is an accomplished artist and has studied with some of the best artists in South America. Most of her work life has been as a bilingual administrative assistant to company presidents in Colombia.

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