Backpacks in Colombia & We Carried our Books Under our Arms

Totto of Colombia is tops in backpacks for students.

MochilasBackpack Basics: A Weighty Issue –  My wife and I looked at each other after I read the article in the Fenton Patch newspaper to her. I spoke first. “We just carried the books in our arms.”

“We did too,” my wife answered.

Our comments reminded me again of how old we are.  The other day a student asked me about the computers we used when I was in school.

“Computers?” I said, “We didn’t even have calculators.”

He looked and me like I was lying to him and said, “How did you do math?”

I decided it was not worth explaining memorization of addition, subtraction, times and division tables.

I continued the conversation with my wife. “My children also carried their books in their arms. But now students use backpacks and are having medical problems?”

Ok readers, do not get me wrong. I am a big fan of backpacks, and am picky about getting one that feels good and serves correctly. My pack for travels has been through hell and many countries with me. Because it fits the purpose so well, and for sentimental reasons, I recently had it refurbished.

My wife and I live in Colombia. Yes, we have many backpacks in the country. However a good number of people use a mochila. Originally used by the indigenous Indians, both men and women today carry them. They are usually bright colored bags, made by hand and worn over one shoulder. I often use one and love it. The problem in the USA is that some may consider it sissy for men to carry such a thing. But here you can easily see a business man in a suit with a mochila over his shoulder.

We decided to check out what is being recommended in the USA from the article. In taking a look at the links  “DC Packs” returned a 404 error. “RakGear” went to a European Targus website. Not to mention that all those bags were in basic black color. “North Face” at least leads to an American site. Under the bags for children there is a little color (no design), but selection is limited to three.

Let me introduce you to Totto, a Colombian company that takes design and manufacture of backpacks and bags serious. They easily beat anything I have found in other countries and with reasonable prices. In fact they are so great that despite many bags being sold in Colombia, I dare say that about 70% to 80% of the students use a Totto.

Their designs focuses heavily on students for morrales (backpacks) and maletines (carrying bags). But more recently they expanded for business people and travelers. Design and selection is large. You can check out their over 70 school book carrying choices here.

Personally I see many students being a fan of the ones with wheels, like this one.

And for university students this is one of my favorites. The price is about $30 USD.

I have given you many good reasons in previous writings to visit Bogotá. Might as well pick up a quality backpack while you are here. Totto has their flagship store in the gringolandia area of Zona Rosa, but they also have stores at most of the malls in the city.

Disclaimer:  Neither I nor anyone I know is associated with the Totto company. No financial or other benefits are derived by this writing. In fact I do not even know anyone who works for Totto and I doubt the company will know about this writing.

This writing has also been published in the Fenton Patch newspaper.

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