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Bar Stories manifests a speakeasy feel and takes personal touch to a new level.sign

Michael: Previously we wrote about a bar in Bogotá noted for unique specialty blended drinks. This place on the other side of the world combines art and science to create drinks suited to the individual.

We entered one end of Haji Lane, a narrow street lit by neon signs. Drink patrons sat at small tables that lined the sidewalk and often spilled on to the asphalt. street scene 4About half way down we passed a sign for Hamzah Luck Store and stopped at a door with the number 57A above it. A light, more than a sign, of about three feet by two feet provided the glow. In small letters in the bottom right hand corner it read, “Bar Stories – a cocktail adventure.

stairsA dimly lit stairway led up and to what seemed the back of the building. Only at the top did we realize a landing and turn to the right. The drawing of a six foot long octopus first drew my eye, but then the focus changed to three bartenders gyrating, shaking and pouring drinks They did not need an aerobics class. Their work gave enough exercise.

Graciela: I noticed the eight to ten people enjoying themselves at the L-shaped bar. Past that and a step down we found an old triangle shaped table and seats for the four of us.

Michael: With a smile on is face barman Dave (yes that is his Twitter handle @barmandave) sat on the ledge and immediately started a conversation with my wife about the flower pedal shaped fan she had placed on the table.When finding out we were from Colombia he even spouted a few words in Spanish.

Graciela: He seemed so genuinely interested an stated how he could use it that I gave it to him. He then asked if we had been there before. Since this was our first time he explained that each drink is specifically prepared for each individual’s taste. You explain the taste you want and the barman creates it.

Michael: It turned into a joint project with questions and recommendations from Dave. For instance I said, “I would like something with a citrus flavor to it but not so strong that it overshadows the taste of a good alcohol.

Dave said, “How about something with a special blend of seven different rums?”

Now, living in a Latin American country with Caribbean coast I know my rums. This was something I had to try.

Graciela's DrinkGraciela: I started with the premise of a martini. Dave asked, “Sweet or sour?”

“Sour but not too dry and not too sweet.” I said.

“Trust me, I am going to make something very special for you,” he replied.

What he returned with was perfect and what I was looking for.

Michael: I enjoyed the detail paid to my drink. Not only did it have he taste I asked for, but he combined it with almonds to provide a hint of something that stays on your tongue. The clincher was it was served in a container of handmade art glass with a matching coaster.

Michael's drinkribbon with pin 150 sqAnother attention to detail is on the stem of the drink for one of our friends he placed a ribbon held with a small clothespin.

Graciela: Colombians love their music. Sometimes so much that it invades the space of others. It is not unusual to have to shout at Colombian bars in order to have a conversation with others at your table. But at Bar Stories they give music at a sound level that creates a relaxing atmosphere and allows good conversation.

Michael: If you are in Singapore definitely check out Bar Stories. It could be the best drink you have ever had in your life.

Graciela: Tell Dave that we sent you. If you wish to check the place out on line they have both a website and Facebook page.

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