Bogotá taxi owner/driver who speaks fluent English

Taxi 403 sqMichael: OK readers with limited Spanish skills, you can now visit Bogotá and Colombia without worrying about the language problem.

We have been searching for a taxi driver like this for years. Now we found a person who meets our criteria.

Remember that best part about visiting Bogotá is it has pretty much not turned touristy. Sure there are are few gringolandia areas that many visitors, as well as travel writers, never deviate from. But much of the best places to see, restaurants to eat at, coffee shops to experience and stores to shop is in other parts of the city. Bogotá has over eight million people and covers in excess of 600 square miles. Then to add to it there are the great sites and places to explore in nearby towns.

Graciela: Many of our writings cover places that treat visitors to a unique look of Colombia. But they must be experienced to be appreciated. This is where Giovanni Muñoz comes in.

What we searched for in a taxi driver to recommend went beyond just speaking English. He had to be available to work any day of the week. His taxi had to be able to leave the city without getting special permission. Plus it must seat four passengers comfortably. We wanted him to have enough knowledge of the city to also be a good tour guide.

Michael: I sat down with Muñoz for a talk. In the conversation I threw at him phrasal verbs, American slang and idioms. He caught them all. Guess those years he spent in Miami paid off.

My wife hit him up about places in and around Bogotá and Colombia.

Graciela: Muñoz knows the city and country. Has has knowledge of those little bits of information to make the city and country interesting.

Michael: If you want an English speaking taxi driver or tour guide then Muñoz is your guy. And as he told us, with the specially licensed taxi he has he can take you on day trips to towns around Bogotá and even long excursions to other places in Colombia. This would include such things as a trip to Colombia’s coffee area, eje cafetero or the warm Caribbean cost cities of Cartagena and Santa Marta.

Graciela: People asked us and we have searched for years for someone that we would feel confident in recommending. So we are glad to have found this person. He told us that his email is and that he uses WhatsApp. His cell phone number is 305-238-3970.

Hope you come and visit our unique and interesting city.


  1. I am trying to reach Me Munoz is his phone disconnected is he ok my name is Steve I’ve been trying to reach him no answer

    1. We originally wrote the article in 2014. However, it appears that Mr. Munoz has moved on and out of the business.

      Over the years since, every time we take a taxi or Uber I ask the driver if he, or she, speaks English. Unfortunately at the time of this writing no one met the qualifications that we felt good recommending them.

      Another blog will be written when someone of the caliper of Mr. Munoz is discovered.

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