Boots ‘N Bags

Colombian business that pays attention to design and quality to make unique N bags label 400

Michael: I am an aficionado of design. An item into which much thought has been put for functionality excites me. In some of the classes I teach for English I have my conversational students design a better purse. Consequently my first encounter with Boots N Bags store turned into a fascination. I carefully checked out the items in each collection.

Boots n Bags round logo 200Graciela: I am also interested in design, but from the standpoint of looks more than function. Looking at the selection in the store is a visual delight. The problem is frequently I cannot decide on just one purse from this proud Colombian company.

Michael: Boots‘N Bags has over 34 years in business. In checking out their offerings it is obvious they strive for quality. Material is top notch. Stitching is tight and even. Parts are added as needed for strength and ease of use. They have 20 stores in the country with nine in Bogota. You can find them in many of the malls including those in such tourist areas as Parque 93 and Usaquen.

Graciela: Their selection covers everything from casual to elegant. Some of the collections have matching extras such as petite bags, wallets, card cases, cell phone bags and make-up bags.

Michael:  Rather than me posting photos of their merchandise it is best for readers to just visit the Boots ‘N Bags website, which is available in English as well as Spanish. There you get the latest designs and collections. Though to really appreciate the products you need to see the items and put them in your hand. It is impossible, in my opinion, for the photos to do their purses and accessories justice.

ecological bag 320Graciela: An example of their thought is the ecological bag. I needed something to take with me on vacation that I would use to carry things to the beach. The idea for me was something more elegant than a plastic bag but just as easy to roll up for storage and travel. Their bags for that not only come in various colors and designs but also are waterproof and fold up into themselves.

I also advise that you check out their many exceptional leather products. And for gentlemen visiting this city without their significant other you can make a big hit when you return home with a bag and accessories from the company. And the best part is everything is well priced.

Michael: My wife hit the nail on the head with that advice to male visitors. We have had to deliver the company’s products to people in other countries.

With Boots‘N Bags you get a well-designed quality product for a more reasonable price than similar items from other designers.


  1. I love Boots and Bags I had the fortune of meeting the owner and I think founder of Boots and Bags at an International leather show in Frankfurt Germany in 1987 at the time I think there was only one , if i remember right he originally had the mark in Peru and then moved to Colombia because of the deteriorating situation there in the 1980s, very nice person , veteran and great businessperson, I dont remember his name but he gave me his business card which I lost , he invited me to visit Colombia , which I did years later and taught English and got married over there , beautiful people and culture. Now living in Belgium because my son is studying medicine . but one day plan to live again in Colombia.

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