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Update April 2015 – We are sorry to see that this wonderful place is now a taco place.

Graciela:  Chicken places are almost like coffee shops in Bogotá, there are plenty of them both chain and independent. Brasa Express on the corner of Avenida 19 and calle 154 stands out from the rest.

Michael:  First let me point out that while in the U.S.A. artery clogging fried chicken is abundant it is different in Bogotá and much of Colombia. Yes, we have Kentucky Fried Chicken here. Other places also serve a fried chicken. However the majority of places have a rotisserie that can easily handle 50 chickens at a time and roast them over a wood or wood and charcoal fire. The taste is superb, and of course the chicken is healthier for you. However if one wishes to progress toward heart disease you can get the fried chicken.

Graciela:  Brasa Express is smaller than most chicken places. It has no nearby parking lot. Their business seems to be in home deliveries to the local Barrio of Villa Magdala.

Brasa Express at Avenida 19 and Calle 154

Brasa Express at Avenida 19 and Calle 154

There is sufficient room on the inside to handle 50 to 60 customers. The tables are well spaced so you do not have a feeling of being crowded.  The seats have padded bottoms and are comfortable. The large front and side windows provides a view of the street and gives the restaurant an openness feeling.

Inside of first floor of Brasa Express at Avenida 19 with calle 154

Inside of first floor of Brasa Express at Avenida 19 with calle 154

Michael:  Just in case you are dining with those who do not enjoy chicken, Brasa Express has a varied menu. You can choose from hamburgers, beef, pork, patacon (a fried cousin of the banana), rice dishes,fish, and soups.

What I also appreciate about the place is they serve healthy natural fruit drinks as well as an oatmeal drink. Of course you can also get bottled water, sodas and beer.

Graciela:  Prices are very reasonable. In fact they might even be cheaper than cooking at home. On our last trip we fed three people for 23,000 pesos or approximately $12.50 USD.

Michael:  But what really sets Brasa Express apart from the other chicken serving places is service. The server smiled, was professionally friendly and attentive without being overbearing. Our food and drinks arrived promptly. The place is very clean. Tables of leaving customers were bussed immediately.

If you are in their area Brasa Express is definitely an excellent choice to enjoy delicious healthy chicken and drinks.

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  1. March 2015 – We just went to the place and it has changed. It is no longer Brasa Express.

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