Café Camelot Restaurante: Restaurant Review

While you won’t find decoration that has anything to do with Camelot, still this is an excellent place to have lunch.Camelot Sign

Graciela: My times eating at Camelot are numerous. The office I worked at was near the restaurant’s location on Carrera 11 between Calle 83 and 84. Never have I received a bad meal there.

Camelot SoupMichael: The place is set up for the lunch crowd serving the many business people in the area. Ejecutivo is the best description of the type of restaurant it is. Rather meaning patrons basically have a choice of two items. Each includes the main entree of a meat, soup, salad and a fruit drink. All of that for a reasonable price with expedient service.

Graciela: Camelot also has a full menu. However the majority of people are pleased with the plato-del-día (plate of the day)

Camelot dishThe restaurant does not skimp on service or making your lunch experience pleasant. Very much the opposite. They seem to go out of their way to make the experience enjoyable. All of the about 20 tables are set with tablecloths. The servers do an excellent job of anticipating your needs as the kitchen quickly readies your food order. You have your soup in front of you almost immediately and the main dish arrives within three to five minutes.

Michael: And do not think for a minute that they avoid taste. Sauces are used the complement the meat served. For those who like a little kick in their soup or main dish a homemade aji (hot sauce) can be found on each table. Also there is no problem for heart/health conscious people like myself. The server cheerfully delivered a plate with a double helping of salad instead of fries and a fruit drink without sugar.

Graciela: The exact location is Carrea 11 No. 84-24. Best way to find it is knowing that it is across from the mall Andino and down a block.

Camelot ajiMichael: If you are in the area I highly recommend avoiding the mall food and give Camelot a try. And if you can’t make it to the restaurant, Camelot does offer delivery service to the many offices around for those who decide to work through lunch.

Graciela: You might have to pay more attention to the address than the sign outside. Not only is it a small entrance, but on our last trip there the “C” had fallen off the name. Perhaps they will have that fixed by time you arrive.

Michael: The price will not hurt your wallet. Lunch for both Graciela and I came out to just under $10 USD.

Graciela: You can even get meals at Camelot for less. They offer a monthly coupon type book. You pay for several meals up front and enjoy a healthy discount along with healthy food.

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