Café Kerub – Best Way to Build a Coffee Shop is From the Ground up

August 2015

cup of coffee ground up 800 400Michael: Great coffee, friendly service, tasty accompaniments, enjoyable atmosphere. It does not come by accident, but with thought and planning.

In the outskirts of Cajicá on a street between the Autopista and Antigua via Chia, my wife and I watched a building go up over the course of several months. Located very near the Colegio Antonio Nariño school we wondered what could it be. A playground occupied part of the front yard. We thought perhaps it might be another preschool.

Cafe Kerub front signThen the sign came out and the shop opened. Fortunately for us it is a coffee shop. On our first trip to the place, which is about a 30 minute walk from our home, we met the owners and their young son. Though both have jobs elsewhere this shop is a dream for them.

The area is growing by leaps and bounds with many new home developments around. A more upscale coffee shop was needed and this couple had the idea to make it correct the first time. They avoided trying to fit what is needed into an existing building, and sacrificing part of their vision.

This place, the size of a small home, is laid out to serve customers. It has its own parking lot in front. The construction is bricks, wood and dark wood poles presenting a classic older look. A covered porch juts out with a view of the playground and parking lot. Recently they enclosed it with large window making it a perfect area to hold small gatherings of eight to 16 people. Inside, high ceilings provide the front and side tables an open feeling. They are far enough apart that neither is your chair hitting the person behind you nor are you having to listen to another’s conversation. The counter and showcases are in the middle of the room providing employees a view to attend the needs of patrons. A large area for preparing and cooking the multiple treats is in the back. Music plays from speakers located all around and there is WiFi available.

Graciela: The owners paid attention to detail. A decorated very large bird cage, without birds, hangs from the ceiling so the height is not so overwhelming and cold. Distressed painted blue and white display cases provide more of a welcoming feeling than what polished metal gives. The menu of their many choices decorates the high wall behind the counter. That listing of treats is colored chalk on school blackboards framed in old wood.

While there are pastries and pastelitos to enjoy with a good coffee, the menu includes plates for lunch or dinner. These are great choices for a quick meal either there or to take home.

We have noticed that children are usually in a hurry to use the play area. They are often drawn to the large display of ice cream bars. This gives parents time to sit and enjoy their beverage.

Cinnamon role, chocolate cake and aromatica.

Cinnamon role, chocolate cake and aromatica.

Coffees, cappuccinos, espressos are all served in white ceramic cups. Plates have the Café Kerub logo on them. Aromaticas come in the clear glass with a handle designed to show their contents. For decoration the tables often have either flowers or a candle nestled in a glass bowl of coffee beans.

Michael: The same attention went into the outside as well. Bushes surround the property line while flowers decorate the front. There is even a bench to sit on next to the door. And the blue and white decorating theme inside is carried outside.

Café Kerub is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. We have been fortunate enough to encounter the owners and talk with them on several occasions. It is obvious they are taking a chance doing things slightly different than most coffee shops in Colombia. But the country is changing for the better. In this new version of business that I like to refer to as Colombia 2.0 Café Kerub is one of the leaders.

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