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Book Review – Short Walks From Bogotá: Journeys in the New Colombia

March 2015 Preliminary tests done at the hospital emergency indicated a possible long stay. My wife’s nephew knew what to do and showed up with a batch of new books. He knows my penchant to learn more about Colombia. We have often traveled together to places in the country where his work has taken him. […]

Author Bonnie Hearn Hill and a Deal on her Geri LaRue Series of Books

Michael: I’ve been a fan of Bonnie Hearn Hill books for a long time. Here in Colombia her books are almost impossible to get in English. Therefore a good part of my decision to purchase a Kindle was based on changing that availability problem. If you enjoy books that keep you reading when you should […]

Movie Review: Before Midnight

We both give “Before Midnight” a thumbs up, but agree it is not for everyone. Michael: We judged “Before Midnight” by itself. The movie is the third in a trilogy of what they bill as romantic drama. The first one is “Before Sunrise” shot in 1995. The second is the 2004 movie “Before Sunset.” We […]

Movie Review: Love is All You Need

Excellent writing, beautiful scenery and strong acting with a theme attracting those over 50 make this a movie to add to your must see list. Originally published in the Clawson Patch newspaper June 2013 Michael:  “Love is All You Need” presented social gatherings as I frequently find them. For Americans who never travel outside our […]

The Women on the 6th Floor: Movie Review

Review of a very good French movie now available on DVD. Originally published in the Fenton Patch newspaper January 2013 Discovery, transformation, and liberation define the premise of the movie, along with a moral that money does not always buy happiness, but a little bit doesn’t hurt. All of that is done in the French […]