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Did Covid-19 and Government Crash the Healthcare in Bogota, Colombia?

A front row seat to the collapse of Bogota’s healthcare system was not in my plans for the night. Of course neither was the emergency surgery the next morning. I will just use the word interesting (or maybe painful) for the event.

Day 100 of Quarantine in Colombia

As I write this we hit day 100 of confinement. Things have changed some from the beginning. More people are ignoring safety standards. Seems like most citizens and politicians are getting crazy in one way or another.

The government reports 88,591 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the country with new cases reported going up significantly on a daily basis. Bogota, with approximately 17% of the total population of the country, exceeds all other departments.

We are Surviving the Corona Virus Lockdown in Bogotá

May 6, 2020By Michael One month and half into lockdown and it appears to be working in Bogotá. My home state of Michigan in the USA is currently at over 44,000 cases with the virus. Bogotá has approximately the same population as all of Michigan and is at under 4,000 cases. There are rules. Like […]

Our House Hunting Experience in Bogotá, Colombia

By Michael February 2017 My wife decided it was again time to look at homes in Bogotá. Such is not always an easy task. There aren’t that many of them. The city has the 9th worst population density in the world. When comparing the quantity of apartments to houses the latter is a definite minority. […]

Por què Escogì la Fujifilm X-S1 Como mi Segunda Càmara Fotogràfica Para Viajes

Fujifilm X-S1 camera

Junio 2016 Conseguir unas buenas fotos en sus viajes, requiere una càmara con algunas caracterìsticas especiales. Pero no siempre las que son usadas en glamour, naturaleza o noticias sirven para cuando usted viaja. Voy a compartir con ustedes lo que para mi es una foto de viaje. Para comenzar, en mi opinion, un fotògrafo que […]

Why I Chose the Fujifilm X-S1 for my 2nd Travel Camera

Fujifilm X-S1 camera

By Michael June 2016 Getting quality travel photos requires a camera with certain features. What is good for glamour, nature or news will probably not be the best for getting those travel shots. I live by a couple thoughts about travel photos. To begin with, in my opinion, it is a poor photographer who blames […]

Hobby Woodworking in Colombia – Only for Gringos?

Michael: He looked at me a little perplexed. Colombians are polite people when it comes to one on one interactions. They often consider our American frankness as impolite. Yet at the same time they believe that playing their music loud enough to have it reverberate throughout the entire neighborhood is a benefit to all. Finally […]

Our Recent Trip From Colombia to the USA Revealed Much About the Two Countries

September 2015 Michael: Attitude shifts, coffee differences, diet changes and more came to light. It has been a few years since we visited The United States. After our ten days of experiences and talking with relatives, friends and people everywhere my wife and I discussed the changes we noticed. Colombia is seen differently now Graciela: […]

Getting the Colombian Expat Cédula

By Michael July 2015 When the idea was introduced in the United States for people in the USA to have them many newspaper articles and people on social media sites blasted the thought. But expats in Colombia must have a cédula. We are not being picked on. Everyone in the country is required to carry […]

Honored to be on InterNations for Expats

June 2015 Michael: Becoming an expat is an adventure for some and a bumpy road for others. Employees are often sent to a specific country to work. Some people choose a new country to find employment. Then there are those contemplating a jump into the expat group. The fastest sector are those trying to make […]

Retire in Colombia – Gain More Than Just Saving Money

Michael: Each year more U.S. retires are choosing to live their remaining days in other counties. There is a magazine, International Living, dedicated to providing information about retired life abroad. They have their list of the best places and AARP also has a list. All are fine countries to check out. Knowing exactly  how many U.S. […]

The Moment to Leave Bogotá Arrived

February 2015 Michael: It almost sounds strange even to me. We decided to exit from the city we write about. It is where we have our connections to friends, museums, theaters, events, restaurants and coffee shops. It is in this city that we enjoy the advantage of doing such things as jumping on a bus […]

Is Gringo a derogatory word in Colombia?

February 2015 “Ones destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.” …Henry Miller Michael: We paid for our purchases at the store in Cajicá, Colombia. Then a voice boomed from behind us. “You can always find another gringo at Home Center.” The speaker was correct. Those of us from […]

Five Reasons why 2015 is Your Year to Visit Colombia

January 2015 There are many excellent reasons to visit Colombia anytime in the future. Readers have read in our blogs about such things as one of a kind museums like the Gold Museum, stress free Caribbean islands like Providencia and historical cities including Cartagena. However there are five good reasons why you should make 2015 […]

A man, his tools and a happy marriage

This is a little different than the standard writing on this site about Bogotá and Colombia. But there is a section of blogs entitled Michael’s musings. This is another one of those times when I just tackle a topic that hits me. This writing is dedicated to, what I guess you could call, my niece-in-law. […]

Piropos – Advice to conquer that Colombian beauty

Michael: I am going to help out you gringo guys wanting to make a good impression on the beautiful Colombian woman you meet. Previously we wrote “Sexy is Subjective but Colombian women top the list”. Over the years I have seen several surveys about the most beautiful women in the wold. The Colombian are most […]

Guama is a fruit masquerading as a bean

Michael: Objects resembling dried out pea pods pyramided on a street vendor’s cart. The man seemed to have a brisk business as people lined up to purchase these foot long food items. Finally I turned to my wife and asked, “What is he selling?” Graciela: Colombia has over 150 different fruits. I give my husband […]

What is Really Killing the Bookstores?

Michael: The place is as large as any bookstore I have seen in the USA. Lines of eight or more people with books in their hands queued up at each of the three checkout locations. Bookstores in Singapore, both large and small, are doing well. Heck, while Borders shuttered all their doors in the States […]

Photo of the Week – Sign in MRT station in Singapore

Graciela: We are in Singapore and of all the beautiful and wonderful things to photograph my husband stops in the middle of a crowded mass transportation system to record signs. “They won’t get the answer correct,” he said. Michael: Don’t let my wife fool you thinking that the camera remains holstered. I have been pulling […]

Luck in 2014 Colombian Style

Michael:  With underwear, wheat,  grapes, suitcases and setting a man on fire you may make 2014 your year. Well, that is if you trust Colombian traditions. On my first New Year’s Eve in Colombia I stepped into the residential street just past midnight and narrowly missed being run over by a herd of stampeding people […]