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Reviews of coffee shops in and around Bogotá

Myriam Camhi – Elegance in a coffee shop and a flair with pastries

Graciela: In over 12 years I have purchased many cakes and other pastries from Myriam Camhi. The simple reason is because they are excellent. Michael: According to the story on the menu it started over 30 years ago with one woman baking in her home. Today one can find their goods at nine locations in […]

Designing a Great Coffee Shop for the USA

Michael:  Americans drink 133% more coffee per capita than Colombians. Yet, the difference between coffee shops in the two countries makes no sense to me. Opening a place that sells the black brew in Colombia seems an almost guaranteed money maker. However I’ve noticed that many small coffee shops in the USA are having trouble […]

Coffee Jeep – Photo of the Week

Michael:  Now this is my type of vehicle. This guy can make you just about any type of coffee you want from his jeep. On the side it says, café, tinto, cappuccino, macchiato. mocha, express and chocolate. And in case there are gringos around, on the back you can read coffee and latte. Graciela: We […]

Our Ten Favorite Coffee Shops in Bogotá – 2013

Click here for our 2014 list of best coffee shops in Bogotá Leer en español Michael:  Colombia is coffee. In Bogotá great coffee shops abound. No, you won’t find any Starbucks here. But those places where one can partake of the brew come in various types and sizes. Sure we have the big places that […]

Brot Bakery & Café is an Enjoyable Place

Graciela:  We ordered our cappuccinos and pan de yuccas. Michael then asked me what one word I would use describe this coffee shop. “Enjoyable,” I answered immediately. Michael: I put the question to my wife because she has more experience with Brot than I do. For seven years she worked near the coffee shop and […]

Moksha Pasteleria – Passion & Quality

Review of a coffee shop that easily made our top ten favorites list. ***** Please Note: Since this writing Moksha has moved. It is now near Centro Comercial Cedritos across from Carulla Supermarket. The address is Carrera 17 # 151 – 27  in Barrio Cedro Golf ******* ***** September 2014 Update – We have been […]

Zukerino Pasteleria – Coffee Shop Review

Good coffee, good deserts, good furniture Michael:  We were in barrio Chico  looking for a tinto (coffee) after a late morning experience with a company whose employees seem to be zombies going through the motion of their jobs. Our exercise came in the form of walking around a couple blocks checking out all the coffee […]

Tinto, Tinto, Tinto

Originally published in the Fenton Patch newspaper March 2012 ****** There they were, grown men, construction workers, carrying four-ounce pink plastic cups up the hill. Whiffs of steam emerged from their hands wrapped around the container. As I approached closer to the intersection with the avenue I saw it; new tinto sales. Two woman and three […]