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Carulla es Café 2014

Imagine some of Colombia’s best coffees all in one place ready for you to taste test. Now throw in beautiful gardens, connoisseur chocolates and classic Colombian music played on a violin. Oh yes, we were there. This year the event ran from August 22 through the 24th. Michael: As soon as we received our invitation […]

Día de Reyes Magos

Michael:  Today, January 6, 2014, is a holiday in Colombia. They call it Día de Reyes Magos. Translated it means Three Kings Day. Graciela:  Colombia is not the only Hispanic country that celebrates the day that the three wise men arrived to present the baby Jesus with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Mexico […]

Weddings Bogotá Style

Michael:  A reader wrote and asked us about weddings in Colombia. I have to admit the subject is not high on the list of things that occupy major chunks of my thoughts. Perhaps it is because generally such subjects hold a higher consciousness in the minds of women than in men. My experience is limited […]

23rd Expoartesanias 2013

Catch this expansive memorable art fair before it ends. Michael:  Forget about me committing a massive amount of words to describe the 23rd Feria Expoartesanias at the Corferias in Bogotá, Colombia. Sure I could cover what makes this one of the best in several years. I could write about the area of the country the […]

Parque 93 Bogotá – Art in the Park

Some of Colombia’s best artists create pieces to help a good cause. Michael:  Over 30 pieces of large metal art representing flowers greeted my wife and I as we approached Parque 93 in Bogotá. Graciela:  This is the sixth season for Arte En Las Calles. Colombian artists contribute pieces with a theme. The sale of […]

Photo of the Week – Kites

Michael: In Colombia the most windy time of the year is in August. That is when vendors along the street sell kites (cometas in Spanish) of every imaginable kind and size. Graciela: In Colombia for the last 38 years they have held the Festival Nacional del Viento y las Cometas (National Festival of Wind and […]

That’s Not Tango

A brief look of dancing at a Michigan school and in Colombia. Originally published in the Clawson Patch May 2013 Michael: I frequently use writings from Patch publications to teach my students who are learning English as a second language. The other day I used an article from the Macomb Patch titled, “It Takes Spanish […]

I Got My Colombian Drivers License

Getting a drivers license in Colombia is not as easy as it is in the USA. Originally published in the Fenton Patch newspaper June 2012 I passed all the tests and now have my Colombian driver’s license. Compared to what is done in the USA to be allowed to power a killing machine down the […]