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Armero, the Colombian Town That Disappeared one Night

By Michael April 2019 Our guide to the town of Armero lost both sets of his grandparents that tragic night of November 13, 1985. Now in his 40’s he recalled the events of the evening from his perspective. “My parents and I lived in Bogota. I remember them on the phone with my grandparents in […]

Centro Comercial Fontanar in Chia Revisited – Spectacular or not?

January 2016 Graciela: “Spectacular,” the woman said. The answer came to our question of her thoughts about the new Centro Comercial Fontanar in Chia, Colombia. On weekends, especially during the Christmas season, the place attracts large crowds. Michael: My wife and I showed up on opening day of the mall in October 2015. We based […]

3 Days in Barranquilla – too many or too few?

Michael: For years I have heard bits and pieces of stories about my wife’s father and him being originally from Barranquilla, Colombia. But I never met anyone from that side of her family. Both that part of my wife’s past and Barranquilla itself interests me for several reasons. The coastal city is Colombia’s fourth largest […]

Ivan, not Oswaldo, Guayasamin – A Colombian artist stunned us at the mall

July 2015 Michael: Large paintings displayed on easels grabbed our attention. We had just entered the center building of the Plaza Mayor in Chia, Colombia. These pieces were different than anything I have seen before. “They are familiar but different,” my wife said. I know to listen to my better half. She studied with some […]

Virgen del Carmen on Colombian Roads

May 2015 When traveling the roads of Colombia one often encounters shrines with car headlights around them. It seems that the majority of them are along the twisting mountain roads where sometimes the geological conditions are such that the road just drops away. Truck and bus drivers are known to stop and light a candle. […]

Quevedo – Keeping Alive Good Reading Habits

May 2015 Michael: What is really great about Bogotá, Colombia is that you can always find something interesting just walking the streets. I previously wrote about one of the items I found this way a complete set of auger bits Graciela: This capital city has over eight million people in 613 square miles (1,587 km2). It is […]

Naked Simon Bolivar & Sex Stops Violence

May 2015 Michael: I turned to my wife to make sure I’d heard her correctly. She repeated, “You’re going to see naked Simon Bolivar.” This was my first trip to the coffee growing region of Colombia known as Eje Cafetero. Simon Bolivar I knew as the liberator of the country. He fought to take the […]

Photo of the Week – Christmas Lights in Santafé Mall

Michael:  One of the great things about this time of the year is the decorations. This year in Bogotá the malls have decorated the best in years. Graciela:  We visited several malls, but certainly not all of them as there are many in this city of eight million people. And all of the places did […]

Gran Estación Leading the Growth of Ibagué

This is a city to watch in Colombia. The wall of windows provides a great view while exercising. Approximately four stories up a part of the city lays before you. Beyond, green lush mountains rise up. During the day there are white clouds. In the morning and evening orange traces from the rising or setting […]

Candelaria – Where Bogotá Preserves the Past to Benefit the Future

Magnificent architecture, cute cafes, Bohemian ambiance, artisan shops and cultural significance is part of what defines Bogotá’s historical area.   Originally published in the Clawson Patch newspaper May 2013. Michael: Historical enchantment describes the Candelaria district of Bogotá. In the 1600’s and 1700’s the wealthy built large homes in the Spanish style of the time. […]

Bogotá’s Gold Museum – Museo del Oro

This world class museum is worth the visit. Fort Knox has more gold but the Museo del Oro in Bogotá has artistic beautiful gold that tells a story. Originally published in the Clawson Patch newspaper April 2013. Michael:  More than just looking at historical and valuable objects a visit to Museo del Oro is an education. All […]

20 de Julio Church: Many Asking for Miracles

  Thursday my wife and I traveled to the South of Bogota to the church 20 de Julio. It is a place with a long history of granting miracles to those who pray there to the Baby Jesus. Daily hundreds to thousands come to pray. On Sundays the church is packed so tight that one […]