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Reviews of Restaurants in & around Bogotá

Pernilones in Mosquera – Restaurant Review

Leer en Español Michael:  Exceptional taste, attractive  price and enough on the plate to fill a gringo appetite is what Pernilones in Mosquera delivers. It is my type of place. Graciela:  We drove to the city of Mosquera, Colombia for business and found ourselves staying to have lunch with a friend. The city is about […]

Brasa Express – Restaurant Review

Update April 2015 – We are sorry to see that this wonderful place is now a taco place. Graciela:  Chicken places are almost like coffee shops in Bogotá, there are plenty of them both chain and independent. Brasa Express on the corner of Avenida 19 and calle 154 stands out from the rest. Michael:  First […]

Café Camelot Restaurante: Restaurant Review

While you won’t find decoration that has anything to do with Camelot, still this is an excellent place to have lunch. Graciela: My times eating at Camelot are numerous. The office I worked at was near the restaurant’s location on Carrera 11 between Calle 83 and 84. Never have I received a bad meal there. […]