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Photo of the Week – Little Girl / Big Dog

September 2016 – There is just something cute about little girls playing with large dogs. The animals seem to know the gentleness of the child and respond in kind. This is Valentina, the 5 year-old daughter of our housekeeper, playing with our dog, Corzo. Despite the dog’s well-earned reputation of aggressive protection of the property Valentina […]

Photo of the Week – Fish Balloon

October 2015 Michael:   I often find Colombians very innovative. From our car we could see decorations in the front area of one of or favorite coffee shops, Cafe Kerub. Once inside the construction of the fish revealed itself. Balloons with construction paper eyes, tail and fins taped on look very cute. The owner told […]

Photo of the Week: Stop Signs Bring a Smile

Michael: These signs are located in the North of Bogotá around the area of Calle 140 and Avenida 19. The first sign caught me by surprise, and indeed a smile came to my face. But with the second one my thought process went to who is doing this. The added letters are vinyl and close to […]

Photo of the Week – Blood of Bull

 Michael: In all my years in the USA I never drank wine from Spanish speaking countries. While living in Michigan it was mostly French and Italian wine along with some of those from the New York Finger lakes region. Of course my years in California had me testing the many wines bottled there. And I had […]