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Chinatown in Singapore – Photos of the Week

Michael: Things have shifted a little bit this time. Graciela: My husband is underplaying it some. Actually it is a major change. Michael: Ok, maybe. We have been in Singapore for the last few weeks. So, the photo of the week has turned into a photo gallery and it is not Colombia, but Chinatown in […]

Photo of the Week – Sign in MRT station in Singapore

Graciela: We are in Singapore and of all the beautiful and wonderful things to photograph my husband stops in the middle of a crowded mass transportation system to record signs. “They won’t get the answer correct,” he said. Michael: Don’t let my wife fool you thinking that the camera remains holstered. I have been pulling […]

Merengon Seller – Photo of the Week

Michael:  This week’s photo is of one of the people selling merengon out of the trunk of their car. You find many of these on the roads outside of Bogotá. We encountered this one on the way to Tenjo. Ok there are really two photos for this week. One of the car and the other […]

Building a House in Bogotá – Photo of the Week

Graciela:  Michael chose this photo. I saw nothing unusual about it. All my life I have known homes in Bogotá to be built that way. Michael:  I’m from Michigan. Most homes are constructed of wood. While yes, I have seen homes there made of concrete blocks, I have never seen one of poured concrete reinforced […]

Coffee Jeep – Photo of the Week

Michael:  Now this is my type of vehicle. This guy can make you just about any type of coffee you want from his jeep. On the side it says, café, tinto, cappuccino, macchiato. mocha, express and chocolate. And in case there are gringos around, on the back you can read coffee and latte. Graciela: We […]

Humitas – Photo of the Week

Graciela:  The photo is of humitas. My mother use to make them a hundred or more at a time. She made both sweet and salt. It was a three day project, one day to purchase the ingredients, one day to make them and one day to cook them. Michael:  I first tasted humitas because of […]

Photo of the Week – Maternity Clothing in Shop Window

Michael:  I cold not resist taking this photo of the window display for the women’s clothing shop  Via Sport. The shirts have interesting sayings for pregnant ladies. Just in case you do not read Spanish the one on the left says, “It all started with a kiss.” On top the translation is “Observe the love […]

Photo of the Week – Drunk Crossing in Singapore

Michael:  No, this one is not from Colombia. Yes, English is the main language in Singapore. Anyway, I could not resist taking this photo. Graciela:  The sign was outside a place called George’s Bar and Cafe. Michael:  Who would not want to go to a place that has this atmosphere?

Photo of the Week – Peranakan Home in Singapore

Michael:  This time we take you to the other side of the world. The photo is of  a Peranakan home in Singapore. Graciela:  Peranakan is a fascinating culture. And in Singapore there is a very informative museum dedicated to it. You can read more about that museum and others in Singapore in one of our […]

Photo of The Week – Nativity Scene in Centro Chía Park

Michael:  The city of Chía is a hop, skip and jump from the Northwest corner of Bogotá. Many people know it because a very popular tourist restaurant, Andres Carne De Res, is located in the city. Anyway, before you hit city proper you pass Centro Chia. It is a mall that has been enlarging as […]

Street Juggler – Photo of the Week

Michael:  In Bogotá it is not unusual to see street performers at busy intersections. They entertain the first few cars while the light is red. Before green hits they walk between the cars collecting what coins the drivers wish to give them. Some of these performers actually put on an excellent short show. I have […]

Photo of the Week – Christmas Lights in Santafé Mall

Michael:  One of the great things about this time of the year is the decorations. This year in Bogotá the malls have decorated the best in years. Graciela:  We visited several malls, but certainly not all of them as there are many in this city of eight million people. And all of the places did […]

Photo of the Week – Día de las Velitas (Day of little Candles)

Michael:  Colombia is the country that celebrates this day the most. From the North to the South and West to East every city and town lights small candles on December 7 of each year. The explanation of why I will leave to my wife, who is Colombian. Graciela:  I have celebrated this since childhood. There […]

Photo of the Week – Año Viejo

Michael:  This week’s photo of the week was one taken in December of 2011. It is an Año Viejo sitting in front of a house and with a sign behind him. Graciela:  Año Viejo is a man usually filled with straw. At midnight on New Year’s Eve he is set fire signifying the burning away […]

Photo of the Week: Street Flower Seller

Michael:  Colombia supplies approximately 70% of the roses sold for Valentine’s Day in the USA. I wrote about that earlier. Anyway, the weather around Bogotá is such that the green houses,  covering hundreds of acres, grow flowers all year round. Consequently it is not unusual to see flower sellers on the street. You can find […]

Photo of the Week – Avocado Street Seller in Bogotá

Michael:  Avocados are considered to be one of the healthiest foods. They are good for lowering blood pressure, good for your heart, anti-inflammatory, and said to protect against some cancers. Graciela:  While you can find both the bumpy skinned and smooth skinned avocados in markets around Bogotá, it is the street sellers where you can […]

Photo of the Week – Jorge Duque, Artist at Noche en Blanco

Michael:  This week’s photo is the most impressive art we saw at Bogotá’s first Noche en Blanco. Graciela:  This shoe is by Jorge Duque. His pieces consisting of various articles of clothing were displayed in front of the restaurant Trementina. A poster near the display labeled the display as “Ropero – Vestidos del Alma” (Clothes […]

Photo of the Week – Burro Pulling Cart of Milk Cans

The photo this week was taken early in the morning in small town near Bogotá.  This little fellow, pulling a wagon with milk cans, wandered away to eat grass while his owner milked a cow in the field.

Photo of the Week – Kites

Michael: In Colombia the most windy time of the year is in August. That is when vendors along the street sell kites (cometas in Spanish) of every imaginable kind and size. Graciela: In Colombia for the last 38 years they have held the Festival Nacional del Viento y las Cometas (National Festival of Wind and […]

Photo of the Week – Colombian Soccer Shirts

It is a sea of yellow out on the streets of Bogotá. Businessmen with ties wear yellow jerseys over their shirts. Hawkers on the streets act like movable clothes hanging racks selling every size a buyer may want. Motorcyclists weave in and out of traffic looking like yellow bobbers floating in the sea of cars. […]