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Unique and Innovative Coffee Jeep in the pueblo of Tenjo

Unique and Innovative Coffee Jeep in the pueblo of Tenjo

Michael:  Now this is my type of vehicle. This guy can make you just about any type of coffee you want from his jeep. On the side it says, café, tinto, cappuccino, macchiato. mocha, express and chocolate. And in case there are gringos around, on the back you can read coffee and latte.

Graciela: We encountered this unique coffee stand near the central park in the town of Tenjo. On Sundays they shut down the street on one side and put tents for booths to sell flowers, artesian items and medicinal herbs.

Michael:  When my wife saw this stand she said to me, “Now, that is the photo of the week.” She admired the looks and uniqueness of what the man had done. However I took a longer look and became intrigued with the ingenuity.  The guy seemed to think of everything. His jeep is advertising. But notice that there is a place where the large umbrella attaches. Then you will notice the wires running from the cab to power lights in the umbrella for when it gets dark. The yellow hose you see is for the propane that heats to two grecas (Coffee makers) on the back. The removable shelf on the side and the canvas and plastic sides that can be pulled down complete a most innovative setup. And to not miss a trick the bag of coffee beans is on top and the spare tire is painted the colors of the Colombian flag.

Graciela:  While my husband marveled at everything I enjoyed a cup of excellent coffee.

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