Colombian Women – Divorce, Live Happy or Die

Originally published in the Fenton Patch newspaper May 2012

blue pen 120According to a 2006 research report Colombia has one of the lowest divorce rates in all of the Latin American countries. By contrast the USA has one of the highest in the world with 54% of all marriages ending in divorce. But my concern is obviously about an American man and a Colombian woman. An unofficial survey showed that such a marriage had a 90% chance for a lifetime of success, which makes it one of the best in the world.

Why Colombian women are such good marriage partners intrigued my mind. Some people said it is because they are Catholic. But that could not be the answer as almost all of Latin America is the same religion. My questioning of more Colombians revealed there are many factors at play in the answer. One comment emerged more often than others, Colombian women are beautiful both outside and inside.

Every American, Canadian, Englishman and German man I know living in Colombia has said the same thing; Colombian women always try to look feminine, even in business. Americans already know the outside beauty of two Colombians, the singer Shakira and the actress Sophia Vergara. Mattel released a line of Barbie dolls inspired by the look of the Colombian singer. Vergara, who is best known to Americans by her role on the TV show Modern Family, was recently voted the most desirable woman in the world by a survey of one million men. That feat is not bad for a woman with 39 years. Yes, Colombian women hold their age very well. But if you really want to see how well they do it just take a look at Telenovela (soap opera) star Amparo Grisales, who recently posed nude for SOHO magazine. With well over 50 years living on earth she has a look that can heat up the coldest room. And yes that view comes devoid of surgical enhancements.

Beauty outside can be subjective. It is beautiful inside that really makes it. One paper stated it is because that the world for Colombian women is centered around family. My personal belief, from not only my own marriage but from that of other gringos married to a Colombian, is that Colombian women are more willing to act as a partner in marriage rather than as two people married yet each one individual. They do not seem to be in competition with anyone. If a man is willing to work within the marriage as a partner as well, then it is long lasting relationship. And I have noticed that marriages in the USA that have that same synergy are also ones that have an excellent chance of life success.

There is another side to these marriages that can help keep the divorce statistics low. Many have heard the term of fiery Latina temper. Over the years two cases of an American/Colombian marriage living in the US have made the news. Basically the moral is never ever cheat on a Colombian woman. One wife ran over her husband with the new Cadillac he bought her (probably feeling guilty for straying in the marriage). Then she backed up and ran over him again, repeating the procedure three more times. In another instance of an American married to a Colombian, the husband ran into three bullets after being caught with another woman. And there is no doubt in my mind that my days on Earth will be severely limited should I stray. But hey, marriage is about fidelity anyway and having a beautiful sexy partner who works with you helps. Not to mention that it sure beats the alternative.

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