DPASO Café & Bakery – an Oasis Coffee Shop in Fontanar Mall

December 2015

Dpaso Chia Colombia coffee Cafe foodGraciela: It looked correct but the question in my mind was would it taste correct. The eclair entered my mouth. The chocolate creme filling contacted my taste buds. Success at last.

In 2013 while traveling Singapore I found the best chocolate eclair. Ever since I have been searching for something equivalent in Colombia. Bogotanos (people from Bogotá, Colombia) are excellent at bread products such as pandebono, almojábanas , buñuelos , pan de queso, pan de yuca, roscones and many others. However, when you can find eclairs they are average at best.

Then I tried the pastry at Dpaso, they got the taste correct. But our judgment that this is a must try coffee shop goes beyond their culinary delights. Coffee taste, service, price and atmosphere combine to make the visit pleasurable.

Michael: The place is my coffee shop of choice when at the new Fontanar mall in Chia, Colombia. Our opening day report on the mall gave the other coffee shops less than favorable reviews. Most because of excess noise due to their locations. On major chain has fantastic decoration, but service on several occasions occupied the bottom of the scale. On the first day we did not review Dpaso as it was not open.

The location is different than the other shops. you will find itin the basement on the North end of the mall. Also it does not sit out in a traffic area but is a store with walls around.

Dpaso Cafe signDecoration creates a break from the hustle and bustle of the mall above. Rustic looking metal shade lights accent walls of different colors. A worn “CAFE” sign continues the welcome look. A wall length mirror on one side creates a non crowded feeling. Walking in the front door glass cases filled with pastries draws ones eye to the opposite end. Chairs are comfortable. Coffee comes in a white ceramic cup.

Graciela: We were lucky enough to speak with one of the owners. Her Venezuelan accent caught my attention. But it also explained why the many delights in the showcase are of her country. During our conversation the young lady spoke to creating a customer’s all around enjoyable experience.

Michael: In my opinion it one cannot find a better value for their money at any other coffee shop in the mall. My wife and I have often taken home their bread products for later eating. Good coffee enjoyed in quietness, exceptional food choices, efficient service and value prices makes Dpaso our coffee shop of choice in Fontanar mall.

For more information you can check out their Facebook page