Dulcinea in Chia – coffee in a relaxed atomosphere

April 2015

Dulcinea orange cake with chocolateMichael: Dulcinea in Chia is one of those places where indecision hits me. My wife and I frequently go there for our daily coffee. However when confronted with their long display case of morsels to accompany that coffee there is difficulty in choosing just one. Over the months my taste buds have been delighted by everything from their artesenal empanadas to their cakes.

Graciela: It is one of the more enjoyable places to take coffee in Chia. Everything is organized and clean. Service on our many visits has always been friendly and quick. They have both inside and outside seating. The outside area is covered. There is even a swing set on the grounds for children to play at while adults enjoy their food and drink.

Michael: I’m a big fan of their decoration. Colors are lively. Tables are sturdy and chairs are comfortable. They utilize stained glass and iron work to help create an atmosphere that feels relaxing.

Wish to take a little something tasty home with you, no problem. Besides all the goodies inside the store, they have La Canuteria accessible from the outdoor seating area. There is a wide selection available and my sweet tooth can’t resist purchasing some of the pastries.

Graciela: Dulcinea helps the customer avoid stress. In a city where parking is limited and often difficult to find, the store has its own parking lot. Never have we had trouble getting a spot.

Michael: And yes you can be connected while enjoying your coffee. Dulcinea offers free Wi-Fi

Dulcinea ad menuGraciela: We have never taken advantage of it, but they do offer meal type items. Starting at 8 a.m. they have a selection of omelets and calentados for breakfast. For lunch they offer a variety of sandwiches.

Michael: Coming from Bogotá the Chia Dulcinea is easy to find. From the autopista and approaching the bridge near Centro Chia just keep to the left where it says “CHIA” on the road. That puts you on Avenida Pradilla. Follow that to the traffic circle and exit out the opposite side from which you entered. Almost immediately take a right and there is Dulcinea. The exact address is Avenida Pradilla No. 1-12.

Graciela: For more information about who they are and the care they put into their products you can check out their website.