El Altillo Café serves up more than good coffee

El Altillo counter Michael: This coffee shop seems to be a well kept secret. Perhaps it is just a case of location in being ever so slightly off the beaten gringo path.

Graciela: I do not know where my husband is going with this one. The place featuring one of the most relaxing ambiances we have ever encountered is in a major area for tourists, Usaquen. The decoration of green plants, interesting items on the walls and old-time looking metal tables and chairs makes El Altillo Café a very enjoyable place to take a coffee.

El Altillo Inside backMichael: And do not forget the food. Many people on social media sites have mentioned their excellent empanadas. But it is the only coffee shop where I could get agras cake. The taste of that pastry makes it something I highly recommend you go to try.El Altillo agras cake 320

But what I am talking about in terms of location is that coming out of one of our favorite restaurants, Felinos, we passed several coffee shops that fail to make our top ten list. And they were filled with patrons. But they were also all on the main drag for tourists. And I know how that many Americans are tourists not travelers. Rather meaning they stay in pretty much a comfort zone eschewing sites and restaurants even a wee bit off the main walkway. Well this place is few blocks further away and a couple more toward the Septima. It is still one of the best areas in the city for visitors. But while those other places were filled, this place at Calle 119B #5-48 had seating available.

El Altillo coffee sign on wall 320Graciela: We were greeted in a very friendly manner. The service help was helpful in answering all our questions and quick in service. My husband mentioned the agras cake already. But in the several times we have enjoyed the place we have tried their other items. Always the taste exceeded our expectations.

Michael: Yes and the most important part, the coffee, they serve in a ceramic cup not paper ones like many of the other places in the area do. The taste met my standards for black coffee, or tinto as they call it in Colombia. I always slowly savor the entire cup.El Altillo coffee cup 320

Graciela: Michael and I agree that El Altillo is a coffee café you should go to. We have often traveled across the city for more than an hour on more than one occasion just to take our after lunch coffee there. And I know that El Altillo Café will make our 2014 list of our ten favorite coffee shops in Bogotá.

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