Grün – Garden Rooftop Coffee Shop Helps Healing

August 2015

Grun roof garden #3Michael: From my experience, where they put this coffee shop is a stroke of genius. I can honestly say that it helped me feel better while in the hospital.

Graciela: Many outdoor places in Bogotá have some greenery around trying to insulate the customer from the invasion of concrete all around. Juan Valdez Orígenes is the only place where we have previously encountered a roof garden with coffee. Even with that it is only the third floor and the scenery beyond is buildings, streets and cars.

But there never-heard-of-before, Grün, goes even one better. They are on the seventh floor with a view of a part of the city as well as homes climbing up the mountain. And instead of many tables with some garden, there is a lot of garden and few tables. A large fountain completes the landscape.

Grun elevatorsThey also have an inside area with its own unique decoration. There you find a wood and plant theme along with decorative antiques. Some of the low coffee tables look like old doors.

Michael: The entire atmosphere is one of an oasis of relaxation. There is almost a zen feeling to it.

my wife and I are in the area we take our coffee there. Beside the black brew and other drinks they also have a selection of food products with a health theme. This means whole wheat bread items to sandwiches and other food.

Grun signGraciela: This calming place is almost hidden from the public. There are no signs around announcing its location. I found out about it only by asking a nurse where I could get a cup of coffee and perhaps a sandwich of something other than cafeteria design. The elevator opened on the seventh floor to a view of something completely different than the buildings around and the floors below. A small sign above announced the name of the place. The wall of windows across the room provided a view. To the right, just past the counter, is an entrance to the garden. Grun is located inside the hospital Fundación Cardioinfantil

Michael: While literally the fine doctors at the hospital saved my life, Grün lifted my spirits. Going there not only delivered needed tasty food and drink to my body but gave me a reprieve from the sterile feel of the hospital room.

No, you do not have to be a patient or visiting a patient to partake of your coffee there. We spend an enjoyable time there when we are in the area.


  1. An excellent find Graciela (and Michael). Well done! I have had the need to visit Cardioinfantil on a few occasions and I wasn’t aware of the rooftop oasis. I will definitely check it out next time I am there. Thanks for the heads-up!

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