Honored to be on InterNations for Expats

June 2015

badge_colombiaMichael: Becoming an expat is an adventure for some and a bumpy road for others. Employees are often sent to a specific country to work. Some people choose a new country to find employment. Then there are those contemplating a jump into the expat group. The fastest sector are those trying to make their retirement income stretch further.

No matter which group you may belong to or which country becomes your home it is always nice to get accurate information, especially from those who have gone before you. While I am a firm believer of making as many friends as possible who are natives of your new country, most seem to find comfort in the company of other expats.

There are places on the web dedicated to helping expats. Many unfortunately come then go. However, One of the largest with longevity is InterNations with over 1.7 million members. Started in 2007 they are present in over 390 cities worldwide What makes them different is that you need to apply for membership and be approved. But with that extra step comes benefits that other places do not offer. The discussions are less apt to be hijacked by trolls. They also seem to have more accurate information. Often times there are Internation expat groups in your new city that have meetings and sponsor trips. You can also find information on taxes, insurance and safety.

Bloggers are a big part of getting information. But they can also be nothing more than paid propaganda. Therefore, InterNations vets all the bloggers recommended on their website. Recently MichaelandGraciela.com joined this prestigious group. We are very pleased to meet their high standards and be included with such wonderful sites as, Cartagena Gringa, Medellin Living, Flavors of Bogotá, Barranquilla or Bust and others.

Graciela: InterNations interviewed my husband via Email about his expat experiences and our blog site. His responses to questions about culture shock, his preparation, funny experiences, background, why to start the blog and advice to others wanting to be an expat in Colombia can be found on this page

Michael: Whether you are being sent to another country or decide to live there on your own accord research and information is key. InterNations can help in that department. And, of course, if you are thinking of Colombia check out our blogsite. Can’t find what you are looking for, then drop us a note.