Humitas – Photo of the Week

humitas 720 SQGraciela:  The photo is of humitas. My mother use to make them a hundred or more at a time. She made both sweet and salt. It was a three day project, one day to purchase the ingredients, one day to make them and one day to cook them.

Michael:  I first tasted humitas because of my wife. Warning – they can be addicting. The taste is fantastic. These in the photo are sweet. In one you can see a raisin that is often added.

This tamale type food can be found in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Southern Colombia. Each country has their slightly different twist to the recipe. The most basic ingredient is fresh ground corn. The dough is wrapped in a corn husk.

Graciela:  My mother was from Ecuador and made them in the manner of that country. The word humita is from the Quechua language of indigenous people living in the Andes mountains of South America.

Neighbors, friends and even the delivery man often received a gift of my mother’s food when she made a lot. However at the time Bogotanos had not heard of humitas. Therefore my mother often called them envueltos (something wrapped up) so others would understand what they were.

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