Juan Valdez Orígenes is not their normal coffee place

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Michael: My wife voiced what was going through my head. “They should open more of these around the city,” she said.

Juan Valdez has more than 80 coffee shops in Bogotá. The one located on Calle 70 near Carrera 6 is the same but different. As I looked in the glass case of goodies there were a few things not seen at other places. But most were the same. And of course no matter which location visited you get the same great coffee.

Juan Valdez Origenes outside frontBefore we get into the difference it is best to understand the location. It is in Zona G. This is one of the most gringolandia areas in the city. Seems like most of the restaurants put the word “gourmet” in their description and charge for it.

Graciela: There are many offices around the area. And there are many very good hotels. In our listing of hotels in Bogotá we have them under the Avenida Chile section.

This Juan Valdez seems to cater to the market in that area. In fact they even give the place another name, Juan Valdez Orígenes.

I really like what they have done. The ambiance is excellent for anyone wishing to conduct business.

Juan Valdez Origenes first floorThe store has three distinctive levels. The first level seating area is the smallest because of the coffee and sales area. Though, there are some tables outside under an awning. But the impressive part is inside with a two story vertical garden.

Juan Valdez Origenes 2nd floorMichael: On the second floor the feeling changes. There you encounter long wood tables with stools. Since the place has free Wi-Fi it is perfect for working on your computer while partaking of a coffee. The seats overlooking the first floor seem to be the most popular.

Juan Valdez Origenes 3rd floor viewGraciela: The third floor is the roof. There padded benches and stools sit under umbrellas or a fabric covering. A glass wall is on the street side while the other is filled with plants. The design is such that even with many others enjoying the view you get a sense of privacy.

Michael:  This is the only Juan Valdez we have been at where they bring your drinks to you. After you place your order and pay they hand you a number on a wood block. Take a seat on any of the floors and they will find you.

Really the service factor is very nice. The only negative difference I find is that at most of the normal Juan Valdez coffee places we visit the help usually gives a smile. At Orígenes all the employees looked like they were unhappy.

Juan Valdez Origenes coffee on tableGraciela: In the smile area my husband is too critical. I did not get that feeling at all. A young man at the door greeted us accordingly. Perhaps at the smaller places the customers are regulars and the staff knows them.

This is also the only Juan Valdez where the coffee is served in a ceramic cup instead of a paper one. That continues with the more enjoyable feeling the place provides.

Juan Valdez Origenes 3rd floor view 2Michael: OK, I agree with my wife about the better and more relaxed sense one receives. But of course such comes at a slightly higher price. However what little difference there is well worth the value received.

Graciela: A taxi ride to the place is under $5 USD from most areas in the city where tourists stay. I recommend that all visitors make a point to enjoy what Juan Valdez Orígenes offers.

Michael: Again I agree with my wife, this coffee shop is a must visit and an experience to take with you back home.