La Magola – Part of Colombian History

Avena y pan de yucca 310 x 320Graciela: On Sundays my mother refused to cook. The job fell to my father to come up with something. His method usually involved piling the family into his Land Rover and heading out of town . Often after a good meal at a restaurant he took us to La Magola near the town of Chia for a drink of avena and snacks of pan de yuca. This was back in the 1960’s. The town was much smaller then than it is now. La Magola, specializing in only these two items, sat pretty much alone surrounded by fields.

Michael: The family run business has been in operation for almost 70 years. Malls and shopping centers have built up around it, but families still arrive in droves.

La Magola 150 sqBefore we go much further I should probably explain to North American readers exactly what is sold. Pan de yuca is a bread made with yuca flour and cheese. I am a fan of the food and often purchase it to enjoy with my coffee. Avena is oatmeal in Spanish. I have never had it as a drink in the USA, but many places in Colombia sell it.

Graciela: Over the years the place has expanded a little in size adding a playground for children and a large cage of birds for all to enjoy. But their offerings have not changed.bird cage 640 x 485La Magola accepts birds when people cannot keep them. One of our friends just donated four canaries.

birds in cage 640Michael: For me it was difficult to believe that a place could make money selling one product and drinks. However, every time my wife and I stop there we eat a bag of the pan de yuca and purchase the ten pack to take home. It is not unusual for others to do the same.

I recommend that visitors to Bogotá make the trip to Chia not just to taste one of the best pan de yucas, but to enjoy a part of history.


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