Luna Café in Chia Offers Great Taste in a Relaxed Atmosphere

May 2015

Luna Cafe sign and stairsMichael: The coffee shop is literally located under the staircase. Not to mention that from the mall entrance it is hidden from view. However, if you take the time to find Luna Café your taste buds will be appreciative.

Graciela: There are several things I like about Luna Café. To begin with its location has two benefits. The first is that you are near banks, drug stores, the church, bakeries, clothing stores and more. The store is located on one side of the town square in Chiá, Colombia. The shop itself is located inside the small mall called Centro Comercial Santa Lucia. Like many places in small Colombian towns there is a single door that opens to a much larger space. The exact location of the door is near the church and next to Banco Popular. We passed it several times before venturing in and finding Luna Café. Upon cafe Luna Cakesentering do not worry if you don’t see the coffee place immediately. It is hidden by the stairs to the second floor. Just walk to the center of the courtyard. There will will find round wooden tables. Some sport umbrellas.

The fact that the mall is small and the majority of the stores around are for low traffic makes the area quiet. Conversation are very easy and relaxed. Frequently we encounter tables of men reading the newspaper and solving the world problems.

Service is another wonderful factor. Always our coffee and cake are delivered more rapidly than in the majority of other coffee shops.

Of course what makes a great coffee shop is what they have to accompany the brew. The showcase hosts a selection of cakes. My husband likes either the chocolate or one with wine in it. My preference is more for their apple with nuts cake. However they also carry empanadas, bread items, potato chips and candies.

Michael: I can’t imagine why anyone would want something besides one of their cakes. Not only are they delicious, but presentation, usually with fruits, can be a work of art.

The whole environment leaves one with a feeling of just sitting and chatting. Often my wife and I linger when we should be concentrating on ticking off items from our to do list.

There is only one thing that leaves me wondering. They put much attention into their image with everything from decoration to their foods. Why is the coffee served in a paper cup rather than a nice ceramic one?

Graciela: My husband can sometimes be too picky. But if that is his only concern it means that he agrees with me that Luna Café is a place that should be added to your coffee shop must visit list.

Luna Cafe overall view

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