Medellín taxi driver who speaks fluent English

business card 1024Graciela: Earlier we wrote about a taxi driver in Bogotá who speaks fluent English. But then we received a question from a reader for a different city. “I am flying into Medellín. Do you know of a taxi person there who speaks English?”

Michael: The good news is that many taxi operators in Colombia’s second largest city speak English. In fact more people overall do than those in Bogotá. Signs are in both languages and even on the Metro they make announcements in English.

Graciela: But we know also that there is more to your getting around than just the same language. You need honesty, reliability, safety and someone willing to go that extra mile. Also we do not like to recommend someone who we have not had a personal experience with.

Michael: José Vicente Pérez is great. He lived in New Jersey for awhile and has the stories (sometimes humorous) to go with his time there. We rode with him and put him through the paces. If you are not going just to a destination then he can also be a tour guide. And like our Bogotá guy he is not limited to the city. In fact I recommend that if you have a free afternoon that you have him drive you to the pueblo of Guatapé. And do not forget your camera because there is a photo opportunity on every street. And if you are looking for a little exercise and to test your stamina then head to the rock in Peñol.

Graciela: José’s email is His cell phone is 320-767-4902.

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