Merengon Seller – Photo of the Week

vehicle selling Merengon on side of roadMichael:  This week’s photo is of one of the people selling merengon out of the trunk of their car. You find many of these on the roads outside of Bogotá. We encountered this one on the way to Tenjo.

Ok there are really two photos for this week. One of the car and the other of the trunk.

Graciela:  Merengon is a Colombian desert. If you are watching your diet or protecting your heart this is probably one of the worst things for you but it is delicious.

Michael:  This stuff will give you a sugar high. Therefore the most difficult part is choosing which flavor you want. The choice is between fresa (strawberry), Melocotón (sweet peach), mora (raspberry), guanábana and freijoa. The last two are Colombian fruits. trunk filled with Merengon

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