Movie Review: Love is All You Need

Excellent writing, beautiful scenery and strong acting with a theme attracting those over 50 make this a movie to add to your must see list.

Love is all you need largerOriginally published in the Clawson Patch newspaper June 2013

Michael:  “Love is All You Need” presented social gatherings as I frequently find them. For Americans who never travel outside our boarders the realism may seem strange. Many expats probably find normal that conversations are in two and sometimes three or four languages. In this movie there is Danish and Italian as well as English. Because of our location the subtitles were in Spanish.

Graciela:  Any movie with Pierce Brosnan in it is a must see. While Brosnan, as Phillip, was at his best, all the actors turned in such a strong performance that it almost made subtitles unnecessary.

The title “Love is All You Need,” or in Spanish, “Todo Lo Que Necesitas Es Amor” says it all about life. The young may need more and look in other directions for happiness, but appropriately the movie covers the importance of love and support in the older years.

The scenery is amazing. It is shot in a part of Italy that many people would love to live. The Sorrento area and Amalfi Coast are two of the most popular tourist areas in the country. It is so peaceful there.

Michael:  There is little doubt most consider it a feel good chick flick. And the way writer and director,  Susanne Bier, handles the subjects presented regulates the movie mostly to the art theaters.

Danish born film director Bier has many movies to her credit. Her film “In a Better World” won both a Golden Globe and Oscar for best foreign language film. Her newest venture “Serena” staring Bradly Cooper  and Jennifer Lawrence is set for release in September of 2013.

My wife mentioned strong performances. Indeed the viewers are often right there. You want to slap the bitch, (Benedikte played by Paprika Steen) and pound sense into Leif (Kim Bodnia), the cheating husband. Or as the two females who accompanied me to the movie said, “Cut off his manhood.”

Graciela:  A woman (Ida played by Danish actress Trine Dryholm) battling cancer comes home from therapy only to find her husband doing his young beautiful (though somewhat of an air head) accountant on the sofa.

In another part of the city Phillip is the owner of a fruit and vegetable wholesale business. He is basically mad at the world and determined to be alone in life after the death of his wife.

Michael:  Ida’s life continues to go to hell in a hand basket after she backs her car into Phillip’s at the airport parking structure. The ensuing yelling and conversation leads to the discovery that Ida’s daughter is marrying Phillips son in Italy. Unfortunately bad luck continues for Ida as her luggage gets lost.

What makes the story exceptional is that almost all characters battle both internal and external conflict.

Graciela:  Events unfold that are not foreseen. The way they are presented keeps viewer’s attention. The end is an expected result but the journey keeps the audience wondering.

Michael:  “Love is All You Need” opened in U.S. theaters in May of 2013. At the time of this writing it is not available on DVD. However you can sign up on Amazon to be notified when it is released. My suggestion is when you receive the movie to make a plate of cheese, cubes of ham, both black and green olives, open a bottle of wine and enjoy watching with your significant other.

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