Pandora – a Place to Shop in Bogotá

February 2016 Update:  Since this writing was first done in 2013 the company has changed from selling  leather items to a beauty supply place. It is sadening to see. Another great place to purchase quality Colombian made leather purses is at Boots ‘N Bags.

This place is worth checking out for quality leather purses.

TagMichael:  Pandora is one of those stores that visitors to Bogotá will be glad they went out of their way to visit. It is a specialty store for Colombian made women’s purses or carteras as they are called in Spanish.

Graciela: The store with the name that really does not fit with what it sells has the three B’s, bueno, bonita, barato. That means good, beautiful and value priced.

Michael: While my wife looks at function I am a quality person, plus consider myself somewhat of a design aficionado (by the way that is a word that English adopted from the Spanish language).

Pandora specializes in leather purses with silk interiors. But what really made me shuck out the money for Graciela’s new tote is quality craftsmanship. the stitching is excellent for a hand-made purse. Plus it is properly reinforced where it should be for when women stuff it with so much weight that it is more like a weapon.

Graciela: I admit that when it comes to an important purchase that I can be a demanding customer. The people at Pandora not only displayed a thorough knowledge of their products, but worked to find exactly what I wanted.

While I chose a basic black leather model the company carries a collection of hand painted purses. They were all so lovely that I considered purchasing one just to have.

While fine Colombian made leather purses are their mainstay, Pandora carries purses of man-made materials as well as accessories such as scarves and jewelry.

Michael: Americans may consider the store a hole-in-the-wall type place with a narrow store front. I can only imagine that such helps keep the prices low. But do not be fooled, once inside it goes back a long distance.

It’s location is over on the Avenida Carrea 19 near Calle 150. It is a short walk from the calle 146 or Mazuren Transmilenio station. Many buses also ply the 19. However for visitors I recommend that you take a taxi.

Graciela: While you can find many beautiful women’s purses in malls throughout the city and in gringolandia area artesenal stores, I believe a visit to Pandora is well worth the trip. I have seen similar quality purses in the U.S.A. selling at two and three times what you will pay at Pandora.

Michael: As long as you are there take some time to stroll up and down Avenida Carrera 19. It is a very safe area with many unique shops. And just a few blocks toward the Autopista on Calle 150 is one of our favorite coffee shops, Moksha. You can’t go wrong stopping for a beverage and one of their excellent pastries.

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