Parque 93 Bogotá – Art in the Park

Some of Colombia’s best artists create pieces to help a good cause.

Arflorarte signMichael:  Over 30 pieces of large metal art representing flowers greeted my wife and I as we approached Parque 93 in Bogotá.

Graciela:  This is the sixth season for Arte En Las Calles. Colombian artists contribute pieces with a theme. The sale of these benefit the Fundación Corazón Verde. That foundation is a non-profit organization that helps the widows and orphans of the Colombian police. The violence in Colombia in past years took a toll on the police. Often more than 1,000 police officers were killed each year. Additional information about the foundation can be read in English here.

This year the event is called Aflorarte. The subtitle is Una Flor Para Volver a Soñar (A flower to return to dreams).

Michael:  Things are changing in Colombia. Quoting the foundation website, “Police is now synonymous with tranquility, of struggle and patriotism. The Corazón Verde Foundation aims to highlight these values and promote a community approach towards Police.”

Christie’s in New York will help with the auction which is to take place on October 29, 2013.

Graciela and I took our time walking around each piece. We came away with our favorites.

Now, I need to remind readers that my wife is the artist in the family. Me, well I just like what I like. So here are some of those pieces we checked out and what appealed to us.

Decipio by Joaquín Restrepo

Decipio by Joaquín Restrepo

Graciela:  My best in show goes to the flower sculpture by Joaquín Restrepo . The 29 year-old from Medellin, Colombia has been making a name for himself with his work appearing in such places as Shanghai and Peking as well as many locations in Colombia.

His sculpture titled “Decipio,” not only looks like a flower, but the artist angled it as if catching the day’s sun rays.

Florece by Masayo Andrade

Florece by Masayo Andrade

Michael:  The piece by Masayo Andrade just grabbed my attention the moment my eyes found it. Indeed it is simple and eschews the shames of metal painted to be a flower. In fact this piece titled “Florece” looks to me like a shaving of wood from when you sharpen your pencil. But still it has the attributes of a flower.

Andrade’s work has appeared not only in many places in Colombia, but also in Venezuela, Ecuador, the Canary Islands and the USA.

Bronzybri Engranate by Alexandra Villegas

Bronzybri Engranate by Alexandra Villegas

Graciela:  Bright colors is often what flowers are about.  Alexandra Villegas brings out the bright cheerful flower garden feeling with her piece “Bronzybri Engranate.”

Antofila by Gabriel Beltrán

Antofila by Gabriel Beltrán

Michael:  My second place piece is of both polished and painted steel. “Antófila” by Gabriel Beltran with the stamens protruding not only makes me think flower, but the curvature of the piece making it look like it is moving captivated me.

Graciela:  Many internationally known Colombian artists are represented in the numerous pieces. The art in Parque 93 offers a unique opportunity to see their work for free. But you will have to hurry as the display ends October 21, 2013.

Michael:  Not to mention that the auction of these art pieces on October 29, 2013 provides a unique opportunity. I see it as an excellent chance for cities, malls and museums to purchase art pieces from well known Colombian artists.

Here is a gallery of some of the art displayed.

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