Photo of the Week – Año Viejo

2011 papa viejoMichael:  This week’s photo of the week was one taken in December of 2011. It is an Año Viejo sitting in front of a house and with a sign behind him.

Graciela:  Año Viejo is a man usually filled with straw. At midnight on New Year’s Eve he is set fire signifying the burning away of the old year.

Michael:  In Colombia there are many customs to bring luck for the New Year. Here is a writing we did earlier about that and with photos of Año Viejo on fire.

Graciela:  As for the sign behind this old guy, it says:
My name is 2011 and I will take with me the
bad governments
the terrible love,
the mistakes and bad jobs
the memory of unfaithful men and women
the overweight
the coldness, the pain, the sadness, the lack of love, the tears.

Michael:  My favorite part is the way they put a Club Colombia (a beer in Colombia) in his hand and a six pack between his feet.

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