Photo of the Week – Blood of Bull

Sangre de Toro Michael: In all my years in the USA I never drank wine from Spanish speaking countries. While living in Michigan it was mostly French and Italian wine along with some of those from the New York Finger lakes region. Of course my years in California had me testing the many wines bottled there. And I had to hit the vineyards, which is a real pleasure.

Graciela: Here in Colombia the stores mostly carry wines from Argentina, Chile and Spain. Colombia has very few wines. Michael and I sometimes purchase one called Isabella. Chile has some very excellent wines. While you can find those my husband spoke of earlier they come at a very high price with no improvement in taste in my opinion.

Michael: What I like is the names that accompany many of these wines from the countries. The one in the photo just grabs me. What better way to give red wine from Spain a little macho image than to name it Sangre de Toro, or translated into English, Blood of Bull.

sangre de toro bull 320And the little plastic bull attached to the bottle just adds to the great marketing. Oh yes, and the wine is good. If given a chance you should try it. And do not forget to check out some of the Chilean wines. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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