Photo of the week – Clouds from the plane

clouds from planeMichael: We recently spent 26 hours stuffed into an excuse for a comfortable seat on a plane. Then the reverse a few weeks later. The trip involved stops in four countries. There were also many hours waiting in airports.

Graciela: We had flown from Bogotá to Singapore and back. Most of the time it was night outside. This was especially nice for our one leg of 17 hours between Chicago and Hong Kong.

**Michael: ** Personally I do not think that United Airlines should have such small economy seats on those 17 hour flights. That is just cruel in my opinion.

I always enjoy Singapore immigration people. They are the most polite I have ever encountered in any country ever. And their immigration area, very open with high ceilings (about two to three stories) and live plants around. Not to mention that there is always enough agents on duty so it is very rapid. It makes the immigration areas at most other airports feel like dungeons.

Graciela: However they do not allow families to approach at the same time. They handle only one person at a time.  I cleared and waited for Michael. I noticed him back there talking with the cute female officer. My first thought was he was in trouble again. But with both of them smiling it looked like a friendly conversation. When he finally cleared I found out that he had noticed that every agent’s monitor had a mirror attached to the side and asked the young lady about why.

Michael: “To remind us to smile,” the agent told me. Wow what a little detail that makes a difference for weary travelers. I paid attention since then and noticed that I have never received a smile from an Immigrations agent in any other country. And with some, it is more like a scowl.

Graciela: I must say that in my 40 years of traveling to the USA that I have never encountered a nasty U.S. immigration agent. Some are more friendly than others.They are friendly and sometimes funny trying to make conversation.

Michael: Anyway, back to the photo. I could not resist when we finally had light outside of taking this photo of the clouds from the plane window.

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