Photo of the Week – Día de las Velitas (Day of little Candles)

Dia de las Velitas -Melgar 2012Michael:  Colombia is the country that celebrates this day the most. From the North to the South and West to East every city and town lights small candles on December 7 of each year. The explanation of why I will leave to my wife, who is Colombian.

Graciela:  I have celebrated this since childhood. There many good memories of the day with all the neighbors out lighting candles and talking with each other.

The tradition started in 1854 with Pope Pius IX. He announced December 8 as the day of Immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary.  We light the candles on December 7 to celebrate that event.

Michael:  In many instances this announces that the Christmas season is in full swing in Colombia. The parks are decorated and citizens begin touring the massive Christmas displays presented around the city.

This photo was taken in 2012 in Melgar, a city about an hour and half from Bogotá. Many residents of a subdivision participated in lighting all the candles.


  1. Guys, happy new year!!. I’m just impressed on how your blog has grown!!. I hope you can plan a tripo to come and visit us here in Dubai. Cheers!!
    Jaime Fernando

  2. Jaime – Feliz Año to you too. The blog has grown thanks to wonderful readers like you. And we have to visit you in Dubai. Would be a great place for people to know more about.
    Michael and Graciela

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