Photo of the Week – Learning English in Bogotá

March 2017
By Michael

Bogota Colombia educationA local Bogotá newspaper caught my eye. The publication written in Spanish had above the fold the big letters of the title written in English. Now I wonder how many of my fellow urban dwellers in this city of over eight million people understood what it said. Well, if all goes to plan then soon more students in Bogotá schools will.

While the ADN papers are given away on the street they also have a website. You can read in Spanish the latest about Colombia’s capital city at


  1. The reality is that English is now essential to be able to evolve better and have a greater chance of success, I think that the title in English published is that newspaper is a hint that you should learn English

    I’m just learning to speak English 😉

    1. Glad that you are learning English. Research has shown that those who speak a second language earn 20% more in wages.

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