Photo of the week – poster in coffee shop

November 2014Oma café coffee & book sign

Michael: Readers by now know how my wife and I enjoy coffee shops. We go to one at least 300 days each year.

Graciela: We also enjoy reading books. So this new sign hanging in one of the coffee shops that made our 2014 top ten list, Oma in Santafé, caught our attention.

It says: The world is more brilliant in the company of a coffee and a book

Michael: However, in my opinion, reading and drinking a coffee is an alone thing. Like the vast majority of Colombians I believe when you are with someone a coffee goes best with enjoyable conversation.

I wonder about relationships in the USA when I see a husband and wife in a coffee shop together with one, or both, reading the newspaper.

Graciela: Michael and I frequently use the time to discuss our writings for the blog site.

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