Probocatto – Upscale Coffee Shop Without the Upscale Prices

November 2015

probocatto graphicGraciela: Probocatto is one of the most enjoyable coffee shops we go to. It is clean. Service is fast. And it is quiet. And yes, they have Wi-Fi.

probocatto brownieMichael: Everything focuses on elegance with customer enjoyment in mind. The decoration invites one in. Glass windows and a glass door draws one’s eye to the catching wall size graphic of a woman savoring a cup of coffee while surrounded by many others. The dark color tables each have place mats with beautiful scenic photos done by the same person as the graphic, Alejandro Gomez. Even the shop’s website is designed by Gomez in the same elegant style.

Graciela: Probocatto is also where you go to get food choices unavailable at many other places. They have two types of brownies to choose from and an apple strudel that is one of the best I have ever eaten.

But what they serve goes well beyond accompaniments to your drink. They have gourmet sandwiches that filled my husband’s gringo appetite. Then there are quiches and different empanadas. Their entire menu along with prices is available on

Michael: For some, the way the coffee is served may be confusing. You receive a white ceramic cup with concentrated espresso just covering the bottom. But a small pot of hot water also is served. Yes, add the water to suit your taste.

The quietness and ease of parking is a main factor for my continued patronage. There is no road noise. There is no mall crowd noise. Probocatto is located in Centro Comercial Plaza Mayor in Probocatto front employee workingChia. This mall, just off the Avenida Pradilla as one enters the city from the Autopista, is circular in design. Stores are located around the outer circle then there is a center section. Parking goes all around between the center and the outside. The coffee shop is located in the interior part.

Graciela: When talking about Probocatto we also need to mention service. My husband and I have visited the store once to twice a month for the last year. The uniform clad servers are always polite, helpful and efficient. Our orders have always been delivered in a timely manner with excess plates cleared without intrusion of our conversation.

Michael: The employees keep working for the betterment of the store and enjoyment of the customer. At many places it seems when there is a lull in business the workers talk among each other and loose sight of customers. At Probocatto, when not serving customers, the employees are cleaning or preparing things to be more efficient while still paying attention to what is happening around them.

For good coffee, unique treats for the mouth and to enjoy a relaxing conversation in a quiet refined atmosphere, Probocatto is the place to go in the Chia/Cajicá area.