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Michael: Damn. Everything in the long multi-shelved glass cases tugged at my taste buds and beckoned to be put in my mouth. The dilemma happens every time I go to the place for coffee. case of goodies 1024

Graciela: People in Bogotá know that Productos Rapido’s products are good and well priced. That is part of the reason that on September 25, 2014 the company celebrates 43 years in business.

They have seven locations in various parts in the North of Bogotá. In each area they developed a large following of customers. I have purchased from them for over 20 years. In fact the maracuya cake for my last birthday received rave reviews from everyone.

Michael: My introduction came when several years back my wife took me there for a coffee. All their shops have a clean inviting look to them. White tables with orange chairs are comfortable. Then there are, on the wall, the large decals of cakes. I have also seen a TV that presents a slide show of many of their products.

Graciela: I am sure the selection is part of the reason for the company’s longevity. They have cakes, deserts, puff pastries and cookies to choose from. The company makes decorated cakes for special events like birthdays, weddings and quinceañeras (when a girl celebrates her 15 birthday)

recipe 320Michael: What constantly draws my attention is the sign on the wall that gives their recipe for the way they make their products. Translated it says:
-1 Pinch of affection
-1 cup of dedication
-2 cups of smiles
-1 liter of kindness and courtesy
-1/2 liter patience and tolerance
-2 tablespoons of perfection
-2 tablespoons of enthusiasm

On their webpage they state that they mix it with their heart and mind, bake it with the heat of their soul and with patience produce a product made with love.

Really, after all of that how can someone not purchase their product.

Graciela: For small gatherings at our home I have often served their quiche or rollo de carne. For deserts for a group of 10 to 20 people I like their tartaleta and Milhoja.

Michael: Let me explain those last two for my friends in other countries. The tartaleta is sweet guayaba with arequipe. then the whole thing is covered in merengue and coconut. Guayaba is one of the over 150 fruits found in Colombia. It is also the main ingredient in bocadillos. Arequipe is similar to caramel.

The word milhoja basically means thousand leaves. The best way for me to describe the desert is layers of pastry creme and arequipe separated by extremely thin wafers of puffed pastry then covered with arequipe.

Graciela: What I really like about their webpage is that they not only have photos of their products but also the prices. Then to keep from being so tempted to eat everything they offer delivery.

Michael: Finally I looked outside to see if my cardiologist was anywhere in sight, then ordered turrón de mani.

If you are in Bogotá then check out one of their stores. Your mouth will not be disappointed.

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