Readers’ Top Ten Favorite Blogs in 2014

top ten logoColombian women, Colombian coffee, reviews of restaurants and stores headed up readers’ favorites in 2014. In the very first calendar year for our blogsite we also were named one of the five top Latin American weblogs and interviewed for an article in a prestigious coffee magazine. Thank you readers.

So, what specific writings did readers gravitate to in the past year? Well here is the countdown list of the top ten.

#10. Piropos – Advice to conquer that Colombian beauty – The article had less than six months of life but still captured the tenth spot. Here we covered a dying use of words that make Colombian women feel special.

#9. When is the Best Time to Visit Bogotá? – It started with a question from a reader. The article is also written in Spanish. We present reasons to come at different times of the year.

#8. Brot Bakery & Café is an Enjoyable PlaceAnother one written in Spanish it is one of our many coffee shop reviews. Brot, located in a gringolandia area of the city appeals to visitors and locals for many reasons.

#7. Boots ‘N Bags – It’s name pretty much tells all. This is a Colombian company with stores located in many malls. Women love their purses for a reason.

#6. Even Gringos Look Elegant in a Guayabera – This shirt worn by a Colombian author when he accepted his Nobel Prize in Literature makes any man look elegant.

#5. Sexy is Subjective, But Colombian Women Top the List – A website matching up men with female traveling companions found that the fellows have a proclivity towards the Colombian beauties.

#4. Pernilones in Mosquera – Restaurant ReviewAlso available in Spanish the blog highlights a restaurant in a town outside of Bogotá. The place serves one heck of a chicken meal.

#3. The Wingz Bar Experience – In Spanish [Viva una experiencia fabulosa en el Bar Wingz}]( Unique atmosphere, specialized drinks and a hidden entrance makes this place special in Bogotá.

#2. Colombian Women – Divorce, Live Happy or Die – This is the third writing about Colombian women to make the top ten reads. It shows how the country’s females can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare.

#1. The number one read is the listings of our top ten favorite coffee shops in Colombia’s capital city. If you are visiting Bogotá our 2013 list and the 2014 list show you where to enjoy the best that Colombia offers.

In 2014 the Internet’s longest running blog rating site voted as one of the five best covering Latin America. We have worked diligently improving our site even more to help readers.

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