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Fashion display in mallOriginally published in the Fenton Patch April 2012

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One thinks of Singapore for many things. But for many people fashion is usually not on the list. However it should be. A frequent traveler to the country told me, “It seems the majority of foreigners I meet on a plane coming to the country are coming to shop.”

In an April 2011 edition of the magazine “Singapore Where” the editor starts his column with the comment of “Style is something Singaporeans know all about. Look around you – is there a better dressed, more fashion savvy nation on Earth? (oh apart from Italy)”

My wife, as we walk through the business district and malls, envies the fabulous dresses, skirts and blouses worn by the women. In this country you stand out as the oddball if you wear your jeans and T-shirts.

The fact that Singapore has about a dozen designers who are lighting up the catwalks and covering royalty and celebrities might have something to do with it. Many of their designs combine both the Eastern and Western styles into something unique.

While we found fashion all over the country, Orchard road is ground zero. There you find the shops of seven of Singapore’s top designers.

Borrowing from France but merging the flavors of Asia, Afton Chen, Ruth Marbun and Louis Koh offer their specialties at the shop of Reckless Ericka. For an eye with details and wonderful colors look at Hansel that carries the designs of Jo Soh.

Winner of the International Designers award in 2007, Desmond Yong in his shop Abuzz strives for timeless designs that can be worn different ways. Over at the Fullerton Hotel you will find Ashley Isham. His client list includes Lady Gaga as well as members of the British Royalty. Again look for excellent use of color in the designs that are best described as glamorous.

A real favorite for creating a distinctive approach to everyday dress that features versatile pieces for mixing and matching are the team designs of two very good friends, Joana and Shu Jung. Stepping in to their store at 9 Raffles Blvd is captivating.

My wife has been having a delightful time with the fashions and prices in Singapore. Anyone really interested in distinctive beautiful looks that don’t break the bank should definitely check out Singapore.

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