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Photo of the Week – Fish Balloon

October 2015 Michael:   I often find Colombians very innovative. From our car we could see decorations in the front area of one of or favorite coffee shops, Cafe Kerub. Once inside the construction of the fish revealed itself. Balloons with construction paper eyes, tail and fins taped on look very cute. The owner told […]

Café Kerub – Best Way to Build a Coffee Shop is From the Ground up

August 2015 Michael: Great coffee, friendly service, tasty accompaniments, enjoyable atmosphere. It does not come by accident, but with thought and planning. In the outskirts of Cajicá on a street between the Autopista and Antigua via Chia, my wife and I watched a building go up over the course of several months. Located very near the Colegio […]

Café Kerub – La mejor manera de construir un Coffee shop de cero

Agosto 2015 Michael: Un excelente cafè, un servicio amigable, deliciosos acompañamientos y una atmòsfera agradable, son cosas que no se dan por accidente. Lo anterior se logra pensando y planeando detenidamente. En los alrededores de Cajicà, tomando la antigua via Chia – Cajicà, mi esposa y yo durante varios meses vimos còmo crecia una construcciòn […]