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We Review the New Centro Comercial Fontanar in Chia

For our updated review click here October 2015 Michael: For over two years the large 134,000 square meter building with over 56,000 square meters of rental space rose slowly from the ground. Inside over 150 retail outlets moved merchandise in. Just down from the place and on the same side of the Autopista is Centro […]

Our Recent Trip From Colombia to the USA Revealed Much About the Two Countries

September 2015 Michael: Attitude shifts, coffee differences, diet changes and more came to light. It has been a few years since we visited The United States. After our ten days of experiences and talking with relatives, friends and people everywhere my wife and I discussed the changes we noticed. Colombia is seen differently now Graciela: […]

Five Bogotá Malls for Tourists

May 2015 Michael: Bogotá has a plethora of what they call centro comerciales or malls in English. Of course with over eight million people in the city it is to be expected. In the last ten years my wife and I have hit most if not all of them. Do not think that my wife likes […]

What to pack and wear to enjoy Bogotá

January 2015 Michael:  There is a joke that goes: A man calls up his wife and says, “Honey start packing. I just won the lottery.” The wife responds, “Should I pack for warm weather or cold? The husband says, “I don’t care just don’t be there when I get home.” Though I am pretty sure […]

Chinatown in Singapore – Photos of the Week

Michael: Things have shifted a little bit this time. Graciela: My husband is underplaying it some. Actually it is a major change. Michael: Ok, maybe. We have been in Singapore for the last few weeks. So, the photo of the week has turned into a photo gallery and it is not Colombia, but Chinatown in […]