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2016 – Our Favorite Coffee Shops in Chia/Cajica Display Different Specialties

June 2016 To be a great coffee shop takes more than just good coffee. There must be service, ambiance and accompaniments. The shop must demonstrate consistency in those areas as well as an attitude of continual improvement in meeting the needs of the customer. Previously we covered our favorite coffee shops in Bogotá. Readers may […]

Juan Valdez Café in Bazaar Mall – Ambiance, Service & Pets

March 2016 Graciela: My husband and I have always been a fan of Juan Valdez coffee shops. In terms of product quality each one always delivers. And every one we have visited offers free Wi-Fi. What makes the difference between the company’s stores is ambiance and service. In those areas the Bazaar Mall shop is ahead […]

St. Honoré – an Appropriately Named Coffee Shop In Chia, Colombia

St. Honoré coffee shop Chia, Colombia

March 2016 Michael: The name caught my attention. When my wife saw it she said, “Good name for a coffee shop that sells breads and pastries.” With years of marriage she has learned to read my often involuntary inquisitive look. “He is the patron saint of bakers, she added.” Before moving to Colombia patron saints were […]

DPASO Café & Bakery – an Oasis Coffee Shop in Fontanar Mall

December 2015 Graciela: It looked correct but the question in my mind was would it taste correct. The eclair entered my mouth. The chocolate creme filling contacted my taste buds. Success at last. In 2013 while traveling Singapore I found the best chocolate eclair. Ever since I have been searching for something equivalent in Colombia. […]

WASSA – Coffee Shop With a Savvy for Breads and Health

December 2015 Michael: Walking in the front door one sees at the back of the room an archway to the exhibition kitchen. Above it says, “Todos los días se hornean tus deseos” (Every day we bake your wishes). On another wall it states “El arte de hacer pan” (the art of making bread). Fortunately this […]

Probocatto – Upscale Coffee Shop Without the Upscale Prices

November 2015 Graciela: Probocatto is one of the most enjoyable coffee shops we go to. It is clean. Service is fast. And it is quiet. And yes, they have Wi-Fi. Michael: Everything focuses on elegance with customer enjoyment in mind. The decoration invites one in. Glass windows and a glass door draws one’s eye to […]

Coffee Shops of Centro Chia – Breads to Eclairs & Cheesecakes

October 2015 You find yourself in one of those situations where you know that you want a coffee, but that tasty treat to accompany it sits as an unknown on your taste buds. Our solution is usually to go to the Centro Chia mall. They have eight coffee shops each offering something different. There is […]

Coffee Shops not Reviewed and why

October 2015 Are there bad coffee shops in and around Bogotá? That seemed to be the question a reader asked us. The person inquired about places we have not reviewed. Michael: My wife and I hit coffee shops at least 300 days each year. Before a place occupies space on our site we visit it […]

Café Kerub – Best Way to Build a Coffee Shop is From the Ground up

August 2015 Michael: Great coffee, friendly service, tasty accompaniments, enjoyable atmosphere. It does not come by accident, but with thought and planning. In the outskirts of Cajicá on a street between the Autopista and Antigua via Chia, my wife and I watched a building go up over the course of several months. Located very near the Colegio […]

Luna Café in Chia Offers Great Taste in a Relaxed Atmosphere

May 2015 Michael: The coffee shop is literally located under the staircase. Not to mention that from the mall entrance it is hidden from view. However, if you take the time to find Luna Café your taste buds will be appreciative. Graciela: There are several things I like about Luna Café. To begin with its […]

Caramelo – Coffee Shop That Tantalizes the Taste Buds

Michael: I had never done it before. Eating all of the dessert before even taking a sip of my coffee is against my nature, not to mention the years of etiquette drilled into me by my mother. But each bite of the maracuyá and guanábana cake tempted another one. For my friends in other countries […]

Dulcinea in Chia – coffee in a relaxed atomosphere

April 2015 Michael: Dulcinea in Chia is one of those places where indecision hits me. My wife and I frequently go there for our daily coffee. However when confronted with their long display case of morsels to accompany that coffee there is difficulty in choosing just one. Over the months my taste buds have been […]

Readers’ Top Ten Favorite Blogs in 2014

Colombian women, Colombian coffee, reviews of restaurants and stores headed up readers’ favorites in 2014. In the very first calendar year for our blogsite we also were named one of the five top Latin American weblogs and interviewed for an article in a prestigious coffee magazine. Thank you readers. So, what specific writings did readers […]

Nuestros favoritos 10 coffee shops en Bogotá 2014

Michael: Nuestra lista en el 2013 fue una de las màs leidas en este blog. Peter D’Amato nos entrevistò en julio 7 para su articulo en una prestigiosa revista llamada Freshcup. Pero no por eso, hemos parado con el tema. Con el fin de ayudar a nuestros lectores en lo que nosotros consideramos los realmente […]

Photo of the week – poster in coffee shop

November 2014 Michael: Readers by now know how my wife and I enjoy coffee shops. We go to one at least 300 days each year. Graciela: We also enjoy reading books. So this new sign hanging in one of the coffee shops that made our 2014 top ten list, Oma in Santafé, caught our attention. […]

Our Ten Favorite Coffee Shops in Bogotá 2014

Michael: Our 2013 list has been one of the most read blogs on our site. Peter D’Amato interviewed us for his July 7, 2014 article in the prestigious coffee magazine, Freshcup. But we did not stop. To help bring readers the best of what we like to consider the real Bogotá coffee shops we hit […]

El Altillo Café serves up more than good coffee

Michael: This coffee shop seems to be a well kept secret. Perhaps it is just a case of location in being ever so slightly off the beaten gringo path. Graciela: I do not know where my husband is going with this one. The place featuring one of the most relaxing ambiances we have ever encountered […]

Carulla es Café 2014

Imagine some of Colombia’s best coffees all in one place ready for you to taste test. Now throw in beautiful gardens, connoisseur chocolates and classic Colombian music played on a violin. Oh yes, we were there. This year the event ran from August 22 through the 24th. Michael: As soon as we received our invitation […]

Juan Valdez Orígenes is not their normal coffee place

Click here for narrated slide show Michael: My wife voiced what was going through my head. “They should open more of these around the city,” she said. Juan Valdez has more than 80 coffee shops in Bogotá. The one located on Calle 70 near Carrera 6 is the same but different. As I looked in […]

Designing a Great Coffee Shop for the USA

Michael:  Americans drink 133% more coffee per capita than Colombians. Yet, the difference between coffee shops in the two countries makes no sense to me. Opening a place that sells the black brew in Colombia seems an almost guaranteed money maker. However I’ve noticed that many small coffee shops in the USA are having trouble […]