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Photo of the Week – Learning English in Bogotá

March 2017 By Michael A local Bogotá newspaper caught my eye. The publication written in Spanish had above the fold the big letters of the title written in English. Now I wonder how many of my fellow urban dwellers in this city of over eight million people understood what it said. Well, if all goes […]

What is Really Killing the Bookstores?

Michael: The place is as large as any bookstore I have seen in the USA. Lines of eight or more people with books in their hands queued up at each of the three checkout locations. Bookstores in Singapore, both large and small, are doing well. Heck, while Borders shuttered all their doors in the States […]

Speaking American

Originally published in the Fenton Patch newspaper December 2011 ****** There is a joke that goes: If you speak three languages you are multilingual. If you speak two languages you are bilingual. If you speak one language you are American. I took four years of French at Fenton High School. A counselor told me that […]

Poor Reporting and Demonstrating for Higher Education

Originally published in the Fenton Patch newspaper in November 2011 ******** Several U.S. media publications reported it, but not a single one I read did a balanced report of what I walked into last Thursday. Of course that is nothing new when it comes to information regarding Colombia. Most places just rewrite what Reuters sends […]