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Photo of the Week – Learning English in Bogotá

March 2017 By Michael A local Bogotá newspaper caught my eye. The publication written in Spanish had above the fold the big letters of the title written in English. Now I wonder how many of my fellow urban dwellers in this city of over eight million people understood what it said. Well, if all goes […]

Medellín taxi driver who speaks fluent English

Graciela: Earlier we wrote about a taxi driver in Bogotá who speaks fluent English. But then we received a question from a reader for a different city. “I am flying into Medellín. Do you know of a taxi person there who speaks English?” Michael: The good news is that many taxi operators in Colombia’s second […]

Speaking American

Originally published in the Fenton Patch newspaper December 2011 ****** There is a joke that goes: If you speak three languages you are multilingual. If you speak two languages you are bilingual. If you speak one language you are American. I took four years of French at Fenton High School. A counselor told me that […]