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A Tree Falls in Your Yard – Who You Going to Call?

March 2015 Michael: We arrived home to find a tree across our driveway and crunching our neighbor’s car. I saw it as an opportunity to go purchase more play toys and told my wife, “Well, I guess I need to purchase a chainsaw.” The excitement drained when my wife said, “I’ll call the fire department.” […]

Alimentarte 2014 in Bogotá, Colombia

Michael:  Alimentarte is an annual event in Bogotá featuring food from some of the best restaurants in the city. Graciela:  We decided this narrated slide show is the best way to show you what it offers.

The Moment to Leave Bogotá Arrived

February 2015 Michael: It almost sounds strange even to me. We decided to exit from the city we write about. It is where we have our connections to friends, museums, theaters, events, restaurants and coffee shops. It is in this city that we enjoy the advantage of doing such things as jumping on a bus […]

Gringo es una palabra ofensiva en Colombia?

“Un destino no es solamente un lugar, es realmente una nueva forms de ver las cosas”….Henry Miller Michael: Estàbamos pagando unas cosas que habìamos comprado en un almacèn de Cajicà, Colombia cuando de pronto oimos una voz en la fila detràs de nosotros que dijo: siempre hay la posibilidad de encontrar un Gringo en Home […]

Is Gringo a derogatory word in Colombia?

February 2015 “Ones destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.” …Henry Miller Michael: We paid for our purchases at the store in Cajicá, Colombia. Then a voice boomed from behind us. “You can always find another gringo at Home Center.” The speaker was correct. Those of us from […]

What to Bring a Colombian

It is sometimes necessary to load up your suitcase with food stuffs when visiting Colombian expats. Michael: Not a single U.S. food item haunts my taste buds enough to tell visitors from the States to bring the item when they visit. Such is not possible for Colombians living outside their country. They often have a […]

Expat – Not for Everyone

Originally published in the Fenton Patch February 2012 Growing up in Fenton I never thought about being an expatriate or expat as it is frequently shortened to. At that time, exotic was the doctor’s wife who took an annual trip to Europe and the sister of a friend who traveled to Rome. But everyone always […]

Is Double Taxation Costing U.S. Citizens Good Jobs?

This writing first appeared in the Fenton Patch newspaper in November of 2011. ***** The early 30 year-old lady’s answer surprised me. I was in Singapore, a first world country with a 1% unemployment rate, one of the lowest crime rates in the world and a growing economy. This was my trip to see how […]