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Chicalá Brightens the Landscape Around Bogotá

With bunches of bright yellow bell type flowers the chicalá trees are easily spotted around Bogotá. Visitors find them in town squares, lining the medians of streets, surrounding parking lots and bringing color to the surrounding hills. Considered a shrub the trees can grow to about 7 meters (20 feet) or more. Known by other […]

Sauco Cured our Cough – Another South American Natural Medicine

Sauco flower natural medicine

May 2016 Michael: I picked the white flower as instructed and brought it to my wife. Then gave her a strange look as she immersed it into hot water to make a tea. A virus had both of us feeling horrible. The constant cough and hacking made things worse. The idea of using natural remedies […]

Photo of the Week: Street Flower Seller

Michael:  Colombia supplies approximately 70% of the roses sold for Valentine’s Day in the USA. I wrote about that earlier. Anyway, the weather around Bogotá is such that the green houses,  covering hundreds of acres, grow flowers all year round. Consequently it is not unusual to see flower sellers on the street. You can find […]