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Centro Comercial Fontanar in Chia Revisited – Spectacular or not?

January 2016 Graciela: “Spectacular,” the woman said. The answer came to our question of her thoughts about the new Centro Comercial Fontanar in Chia, Colombia. On weekends, especially during the Christmas season, the place attracts large crowds. Michael: My wife and I showed up on opening day of the mall in October 2015. We based […]

Coffee Shops of Centro Chia – Breads to Eclairs & Cheesecakes

October 2015 You find yourself in one of those situations where you know that you want a coffee, but that tasty treat to accompany it sits as an unknown on your taste buds. Our solution is usually to go to the Centro Chia mall. They have eight coffee shops each offering something different. There is […]

Nuestros favoritos 10 coffee shops en Bogotá 2014

Michael: Nuestra lista en el 2013 fue una de las màs leidas en este blog. Peter D’Amato nos entrevistò en julio 7 para su articulo en una prestigiosa revista llamada Freshcup. Pero no por eso, hemos parado con el tema. Con el fin de ayudar a nuestros lectores en lo que nosotros consideramos los realmente […]

Photo of the week – poster in coffee shop

November 2014 Michael: Readers by now know how my wife and I enjoy coffee shops. We go to one at least 300 days each year. Graciela: We also enjoy reading books. So this new sign hanging in one of the coffee shops that made our 2014 top ten list, Oma in Santafé, caught our attention. […]

Our Ten Favorite Coffee Shops in Bogotá 2014

Michael: Our 2013 list has been one of the most read blogs on our site. Peter D’Amato interviewed us for his July 7, 2014 article in the prestigious coffee magazine, Freshcup. But we did not stop. To help bring readers the best of what we like to consider the real Bogotá coffee shops we hit […]

Nuestros “Coffee Shops” Favoritos en Bogotá

Michael:  Colombia es “Café”.  En Bogotá usted tiene Cafeterias (coffee shops) en todas partes. Starbucks no existe en Colombia, pero tenemos otra gran variedad de Cafeterias de todos los tamaños y estilos.  Existen  las grandes cadenas de marca que ofrecen café y algunos pastelitos., pero el negocio es la venta de su café de marca. […]

Our Ten Favorite Coffee Shops in Bogotá – 2013

Click here for our 2014 list of best coffee shops in Bogotá Leer en español Michael:  Colombia is coffee. In Bogotá great coffee shops abound. No, you won’t find any Starbucks here. But those places where one can partake of the brew come in various types and sizes. Sure we have the big places that […]